View Full Version : FS: Non Working JBL BPX 1100.1

02-25-2014, 11:46 PM
Item(s) for Sale:
JBL BPX 1100.1

Item(s) Description/Condition:
Non working JBL BPX 1100.1
It will turn on, however it will not put out power to subwoofers. Not quite sure what's wrong with it exactly. Should be an easy fix for someone who knows what to look for. I looked all over the board for burnt areas and couldn't spot any, but it smells like it did get burnt out somewhere. A friend of mine was using it in his car and it stopped working, so he just gave it to me. Got no use for it at all so I just want it gone lol. Can get more pics upon request just let me know.

Mechanical: Non Working
Cosmetics: 7/10(could be cleaned up more)


$40 OBO

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
On you.
Cheaper to ship using UPS through my work.

Item Pictures:
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02-26-2014, 04:43 AM
Would u sell me that gray mounting to play to screw the amp to my box???

02-26-2014, 06:11 AM
i'll take it (the whole thing) pm me your paypal.

02-26-2014, 06:30 AM
How much shipped to 62521?

02-26-2014, 06:40 AM
How much shipped to 62521?
already got dibbs

02-26-2014, 07:05 AM
already got dibbs

Dibs?...are we like 5 or something?... first to pay gets it.

02-26-2014, 07:58 AM
Dibs?...are we like 5 or something?... first to pay gets it.

since when? this site used to be somewhat honest, from what i remember

02-26-2014, 08:39 AM
How much shipped to 62521?

If the other deal falls through I'll let you know

02-26-2014, 08:27 PM
Sold to akheathen.