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02-25-2014, 02:07 AM
Review of Amplifier:
Power acoustik rz4 2000d
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Just a heads up about the razor line from power acoustik
I don't have any pic yetvbut this thing is tiny! About the size of one of those flat external hard drives, in thickness and maybe a couple inches longer.

Hook up:
Hooking it up was kind of a hassle you have to take out two screws and use a screw driver to actually pull and flip the end off to see where each wire goes.
What i don't like is the power and ground are on top of each other, and it's too easy to touch the bottom screw, when putting in the battery wire.
I know you would say just put in the top first. The wire actually covers up the the bottom screw.
This does have hi-inputs for you stock hu guys

Why you should consider it:

Overall it has a couple design flaws, the lack of features besides a lpf and hpf, yes has these but it's just a three way switch you cannot set your own fq, also you do not have a bass boost.

The reason why you should buy this amp is because it gets loud! It's rated at about 160 watts Per channel, i haven't clamped it but i think it does all of that 160 cleanly

The sound quality is great never used a full range class d before, but now I'm sold.


For $109 shipped the lack of pre-amp features is not a big deal, this has to be one of the most affordable Korean amps on the market. Yes no Chinese junk here.


No preamp features
Design fkaw of the ends
Has an horrendous screeching should when it goes off


Buy it, don't waste money on something more expensive. Save weight in your car, it can't weigh over ten pounds.
This amp is a no frills, get loud type get the jpb done unit.

02-25-2014, 02:15 AM
Oh and i am runnong at about 16.1v so that might helping it our but it sounds alot louder than my last 4 channel