View Full Version : My project for the summer...

05-29-2004, 09:42 PM
I am planning on improving my audio system this summer. This is what I currently have:

Kicker r6c mids mounted in the doors with basically free-air.
Kicker r25 (1" silk) tweets mounted right below the window in the front.
These are both powered by a lanzar vibe 800 (400rms) watt amp.

2 12" Hollywood subs (yes I know these are the worst part of my system right now) powered by a -- 300 watt planet audio amp.

HU--Pioneer deh-p8400mp.

This is what I am looking into doing. I want to make custom kicks (my car is kind of small but I will find a way) and put the r6c's and the tweets in there. I then am planning on getting a pair of kicker rmb8 8" midbass speakers along with a kx400.2 amp. I would like to put those in the doors, and seal off the doors pretty well.

Now, I would like some suggestions and opinions on this setup. Recently my driver side r6c midrange just had its voice coil fried for some reason (I think I had a little too much power). Sooooo, I could either buy another r6c (if I can find one by itself, not in a pair), or I could buy new midranges (I am looking at the 5 3/4" kicker resolution). With my 8" midbass speakers, I think I should back off to some slightly smaller midranges to balance things out a bit.


1. Should I buy new midranges? If so, what would you recommend? (I do have a budget, try to keep the mids under $100). Should I stick with 6.5's or should I back off to 5.25's if I get the 8" kickers?

2. Is sealing off my doors a good idea for the midbass speakers? (Would that be the right area for them)

3. I have never built kick panels before. Is fiberglass basically the only way to go? Are there any sites that have a walthrough of this process?

4. Any other comments/suggestions would be appreciated.


BTW, I am 80-80% in this for SQ, but I do like to shake things when I get the urge , so I am looking for sound quality, not as much "does it get loud".