View Full Version : Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS Custom Backgrounds

02-23-2014, 06:52 PM

New to car audio and new to the forum...so Hello from Austin TX on this beautiful warm sunny day!

I just self installed a new Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS which sounds fantastic even with the stock speakers in my car...and I am trying to load a custom background!

Seems easy enough according to the manual...you just stick some JPGs on an USB stick (800x480 is native resolution) and it should play them. You can then capture the one you want to use as a background to the unit and select it in the system options....Except...I can't get it to actually display any of the JPGs on my sticks.

I have tried different USB memory sticks...and different resolution JPG files...but it just seems to display them as blank (flickering) images..

Any ideas of how I could achieve my goal would be greatly appreciated!