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02-21-2014, 02:49 AM
Item for Sale:
Alpine MRX-M50

Item Description/Condition:
Missing side covers
9/10 cosmetic
10/10 mechanical
*@4 Ohms: (@ 14.4V Ƈ%THD+N) 300W(rms)
*@2 Ohms: (@ 14.4V Ƈ%THD+N) 500W(rms)
*Foot Print (WxHxD) in: 9-7/8'' x 2-1/4'' x 9''
*Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital)
*Channel Design: 1 Channel (Mono)
*Thermal Control: Thermal Management Control
*Power Supply: MOSFET
*Power Supply Design: PowerDC-DC PWM Power Supply
*Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuitry
*Current Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection
*Power Indicator: Top Mounted Blue LED Power Indicator
*Speaker-Level Inputs: Speaker Level Inputs
*Crossover: Variable Lowpass Filter
*Final Outputs: Direct FET
*Board Design: 6-layer Glass Epoxy PC Board

$110 shipped (through Paypal)

Included in price

Item Pictures:
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02-21-2014, 10:44 AM
would you ship first?

02-21-2014, 12:53 PM
If I shipped first when would you pay ?

02-22-2014, 11:51 AM
Do u have any feedback anywere?

02-22-2014, 06:31 PM
how much better are these compared to the mrp

02-23-2014, 09:42 PM
No I have not sold anything on here and I am not sure about compared to the mrp. This is the only alpine amp I have owned