View Full Version : morel maximo tweeters

02-20-2014, 07:50 AM
I have a pioneer 80prs and wanna run my system active but don't know how much power can handle my tweeters. I have morel maximo 6 components and a rockford t400-4. With this amp am i in risk of blow my tweeters ??

02-20-2014, 08:09 AM

Running active, means you wont have to waste power on feeding the passive crossover. It also means the actual power handling of the driver might be less than what is rated. I think you should start off light. find a small amp around 15w-50w. and gain completely down. test and set gain using appropriate methods.

02-20-2014, 10:34 AM
Very few amps make any significant power with the gains all the way down, especially on music. If a typical song only has 1/5 of it's power in the tweeter area.. So if a fullrange song is 100watts RMS, only 20 watts will be needed for the tweeter to keep up. Assuming equal speaker sensativity. Since tweets are often more effecient and located closer, that often goes down..

Think of it this way.. How big do you think a voice coil on a tweeter actually is? Tweets don't handle power well, 20 real watts continously will fry any small format tweeter. Thankfully we listen to music and not 0db test tones... Set your gains on your mid to an appropriate level and then turn the gain up on the tweets until it sounds like normal music. Once the two are nicely blending you would be hard pressed to blow your tweeter. Pull a DMM out and measure voltage on music, like I said you'll be suprised.