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02-19-2014, 11:39 PM
Hey all,
This is my first post so forgive me if I'm in the wrong area. Just got a 2011 Hyundai Sonata and looking to upgrade the stock speakers. I like the stock look so I want everything hidden away and keep the factory headunit.

The equipment I already have from my old car:
JL Audio HD900/5
Audison Voce K6 Components (Fronts)
Audison Voce X6 Coaxials (Rear Fill)
JL Audio Sonata Stealthbox (12W3)

Since the Sonata has built in Bluetooth I've been told I need a DSP with signal-summing abilities. Since I'm only doing passive crossovers I don't need anything too special.
I'm thinking of going with the Audison Bit 10 but just learned about the Fosgate 3Sixty.3
The 3Sixty.3 is a bit more expensive, so would there be any advantage to use it over the Bit 10?
And is there any reason at all to justify the jump up to the Bit 1?

02-26-2014, 11:14 PM
i'm going to install a JBL MS-8 in an existing system that is JL ZR/C5 front/rear and HD amps (4ch and mono).

I chose the MS-8 over the Audison Bit pieces, MiniDSP, RF, AudioControl, and JL for a few reasons.
1. built-in amp allows for a lot of future flexibility.
2. remote display gives selection of presets for driver or passenger/all and input and volume (if desired)
3. headset mics give anyone the ability to make quick settings or take control manually
4. extremely flexible inputs/outputs.

07-23-2014, 12:01 PM
The MS-8 is the easiest of all of them to set up because it "self tunes". Some people love it, some people like it but wish it had a bit more control. I have been looking into this as well because I need one to run the stereo in my car in conjunction with a Mobridge optical adapter but thats neither here nor there. I would look into the ARC Audio stuff. Its gotten a LOT of praise and seems to be the go to as of late. Of course the Bit 10 is nice and the 360.3 is as well. I found a guy that actually put them all in a "grudge match" style test and compared apples to apples with them and for the life of me I can't find that link. I will search for it in the mean time but read on this too and put it in the possibilities as well...

ARC Audio PS8 audiophile digital sound processor*| Arc Audio (http://www.arcaudio.com/p/ps8?pp=24)

07-25-2014, 06:44 PM
PS8 still does not have a controller available and it has some kind of noise issue. I do not know specifics, but these are two big gotchas. The noise issue may or may not affect you, but without a controller you can't change tune presets without a laptop connected and the software running.