View Full Version : Okc G2G March 29th 2014

02-17-2014, 07:03 PM
Where: Highlyís House, just a few minutes NW of OKC in Piedmont, Oklahoma

Address will be pm'd to anyone interested in coming.

When: March 29th 2014 8AM till whenever

Cost: Free, of course!

As promised, Iíll be having a get together at my place. Should be a great time for everyone involved rain or shine. Oklahoma weather is unpredictable, so if you have a pop-up it might be a wise choice to bring it. Iíve checked with the usual suspects and there are no local area (OK/N. Texas) shows planned for this weekend.

Iíve got room to fit 30+ vehicles on the property so there should be plenty of room. If we have more than that I will arrange for overflow parking. Primary parking out back with driveway parking for the low cars that would prefer not being on grass/dirt. Electricity will be available for those that bring a power supply. Extension cords will be a good idea.

For those coming in from out of town (!) Iíll see about checking into a group rate from a local hotel if there is interest. The nearest safe options are ~10 miles away and located [URL="http://goo.gl/maps/6FsLb"]here. LMK if there is a single preference there and I will see what I can do.

Iíll be planning on having some food (BBQ ribs and brisket?) and sodas for lunch. An Emotiva/KEF system is available for reference, AKG and German Maestro headphones, and room in the shop for people to hang out away from the sun/wind/rain/sleet/whatever. Should be a great time, so come on out!

See you there!

03-09-2014, 02:59 PM
This is turning out to be a can't miss event. There are already around 30 people and one coming all the way from Canada! It may also turn into a 1X MECA event too, but that's still TBD.