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02-15-2014, 06:15 PM
1. Product:

Audiocontrol DDC with Remote Control

2. Specs:

Allows for Remote Operation and easy access of DQS, DQX, DQT and DQXS. You can access all features and adjustments with this device, right from your driver's seat or wherever you choose to install it!

Allows for Remote Operation of DQS, DQX, DQTand DQXS
Direct Memory Access
20' Control Cable
Selectable Illumination Colors - Red, Blue, Green
Includes DR-1 Wireless Remote
Actual Size: 6.43"w x 1.82"h x .82"d

3. Description/Condition:

Used for about 4 months. Excellent condition. The mount housing is still unused, sealed in the bag. The remote was used once to test if it worked and put back in the bag.

4. Price: :

$110 Shipped with tracking and insurance.

5. Pictures: