View Full Version : Alpine CDA9827

05-29-2004, 12:22 AM
Okay i just purchased a alpine cda9827 for $259 at circuit city and i checked around they actually gave me the best deal and plus it was a free install. I had a factory head unit before this but i had bought new speakers and they were all distorted because of being underpowered. That all came to an end when i turned this cd player on the sound was great i mean no distortion and i actually could feel the bass(yea i know just 6x9's but im working on getting a sub). It has all the basic controls that you will need which they call "bass engine control" which is just basically your fader,bass,treble and subwoofer controls. Now i did research before buying and if your not planning on getting a 4 channel amp for your door speakers and rear speakers then you probally shouldn't buy this head unit. This alpine has great sound but does lack far as having as much equalizer options as lets say pioneer. Then again the pioneer i was looking at had 3 different eq options but only had 2 volts which is only half as much as the alpine which means i can have more control over my speakers with less quality. Far as easy controls i think it maybe easy for people that have had cd players before but this being my first i find them confusing :(. All in all i think this is money well spent and after buying this great head unit im thinking about going all alpine but that might break me :wacky: if you have any more questions about this head unit feel free to pm me ....