View Full Version : 2 Compustar remotes 2w9000FMR & antenna ANT-2WFM extends your USA alarm range

01-30-2014, 05:54 PM
Here are a set of remotes 2w9000FMR and an antenna ANT-2WFM. Will work with most newer fm Compustar alarm and remote start systems. But here is the kicker..... These are Canadian versions not regulated by USA FCC guidelines ... Ever notice how they say on the box up to 2 mile range? That is because the canadian versions have different antennas that have a stronger output.. Here is everything you need to swap your system to have a 2 mile range. These remotes and this antenna. I bought these remotes because my original remote quit working, I tried to pair them with my USA alarm and it would not work. So I called Compustar and the tech guy figured out that I had canadian remotes. Luckily I got ahold of the matching Canadian Antenna , so I have 2 remotes and a matching antenna now and then find out that my remote start is one of the first ones and is not compatible. Bummer! Well, now I am trying to recoup some of the money I put out (over $250),and here you go . I am selling this canadian antenna and 2 two way remotes that work with I believe 2006 and newer fm compustar alarms with remote start. I would suggest asking your local compustar dealer about compatibility so you are not stuck like me. I would have your alarm/ remote start model number and make them aware you are from canada or he might try and shut you down for having an alarm that has a 2 mile range instead of a 3000 ft range which is actually not legal in USA. Of course you are using them in canada and there is no reason you would have any issues with that, right? I mean we would not want to break the law and have someones radio have a short bit of static just so a villain will have a 2 mile security blanket to know if someone is messing with your ride while you were out boating or something. As usual I am not offering a return policy for electronics. And one last time I am going to state these are Canadian versions not USA versions and have over a 2 mile range which would be Illegal in the good ol' USA. Asking $150 for everything Steve 509 430-7733 please call as I never get around to checking my email