View Full Version : Replacing woofers in a Hertz Energy set with 2ohm woofer instead of 4ohm

01-28-2014, 05:54 PM
Voice coils went in my hertz energy 3 way component woofer in the passenger door. Due to being so busy with buying a house moving and all I was looking for a quick fix.

Checked local shops trying to find just a set of replacement woofers. Came across a deal on 2 Polk MM6501 Woofers rated at 100 watts (75 bucks for the pair), 2 ohm per the decal on the back of the woofer.

The Hertz woofers were 4 ohm 70 watt. After installing them them I am a peace again with no more rattle grinding noises from the door. Initial listening I noticed immediately I have tighter and more mid bass up front than I had with the Hertz woofers in the set. But a side effect seems to be that it softened my tweeters a bit (not much one notch on the treble adjustment).

I'm wondering if the Polk MM6501 Woofers @ 2 Ohm's will do okay in the hertz 3 way setup which was a 4ohm setup. Plays fine, but will it effect the crossovers in the door that came with the set, be short lived? Did it change my crossover points to soften the tweeters? My JL 300/4 is 75 watt at 2 and 4 ohm according to the specs. To me it sounds great, bit softer on the highs and bit more bass/mid bass and tighter up front.

Wondering what the technical aspects of making the change to 2 ohm woofers in a 4 ohm 3 way set are and will it hold up? Any help appreciated... Hope it's not the you might be good for a few weeks before buying a new 3 way component set!

01-28-2014, 06:26 PM
It might last a long time, but consider yourself lucky you enjoy how it sounds with only a minor tweeter level adjustment. The DC resistance is a minor factor for choosing speakers to suit an existing passive crossover design. By changing the woofers you have changed the impedance response, which changes the response shaping the crossovers attempt to do with the original speakers. Your woofer/midrange crossover has changed as well. It should not have affected the mid/tweeter crossover point, but I'm speculating. Passive crossover design is an art form and I know nothing about your Hertz crossovers specifically.

01-29-2014, 03:02 AM
Yep, I searched the web trying to find out information but didn't come up with anything. Friend of mine in the business said about the same thing that it may change the sound a big but he said being the woofer it shouldn't be too much. I know it's a band aid but I think I got lucky and I don't see any need to buy a whole new component set right now, if they go then I'll replace them the difference/change was very minor.

Side Show
01-29-2014, 10:38 PM
I'm guessing those crossovers wont last long