View Full Version : Mono rear fill?

01-25-2014, 10:41 PM
Here is my set up:

2005 F250 crew cab. Alpine W505 with optical cable to H701 processor. Two JL HD600/4 amps (total of 8 channels x 150 watts per channel). A pair of JL ZR800 midbass divers in custom door pods in the front doors. A pair of JL ZR650 components in the kick panels. JL C3 5x7 coaxials in the rear factory locations. JL HD750/1 powering an Alpine Type R 15 in a custom ported box that replaced the center console/jump seat.

I like rear fill. It's a huge cab, and I do carry passengers fairly often. I don't run the rears near as loud as the front. I know a lot of purists don't run rear speakers at all, but I am not getting rid of them.

The H701 has 3 sets of stereo outputs. It also has a mono output for sub, and a mono output for a center channel. I do not use a center channel, so that output is unused.

Before I got the midbass drivers, I ran the front components active. When I got the midbass drivers, I brought the ZR passive crossovers back into the system so I could use one set of stereo outputs on the H701 for the midbass, one set for the components, and one set for the rears.

But now I want to run an active 3-way setup for my front stage. I'll have to use all 3 sets of stereo outputs from the H701 to accomplish that. I will not have another set of stereo outputs to run into the amp for the rears. But again, I do have enough amplifier channels.

I am thinking of using the mono center channel output from the H701, using a RCA "y" splitter into the amp, so I could run the rear speakers in mono. They will be attenuated some (as usual) so that they will just function as rear fill and won't pull my sound back any noticeable amount.

Does anyone see a problem with running the rear speakers in mono? Considering they won't be used nearly as loud, will the difference be noticeable vs running them in stereo?

Is there a simpler solution using the equipment I have (other than ditching the rears completely)?

Thanks in advance!