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05-26-2004, 10:47 PM
Well, I am sorta new to all this stuff and need some help.

I was given a pair of 10in Pyle New Wave subs, new in the box. I was told they are several years old but have never been used.

I would like to use them in my car as I like the purple color. Are these any good?? Good meaning will they give a nice sound. I am interested in a nice sounding system, not show winning by any means.

I was also told that they are free air subs. This I guess means that they do not need an enclosure. is this correct.

Can I mount them in the package tray of may car and the trunk acts as the enclosure so to speak.??


If it helps any, they will be going in an older muscle car with a big trunk and I listen to rock mostly.

Thanks, :crazy:

05-26-2004, 11:29 PM
Use them as paper weights....

Seriously, they are not very good subwoofers, I despise Pyle and most of their products because they are deceptive about the specs and overall they sell you a pyle of junk for car audio.

If you can't get new subs atm then at least put them in a box, they should work better that way, I wouldn't trust those as free air subs because free air requires that you have a good seal between the trunk and the passenger cabin. If not you can get bass cancellation and poor response because of a poorly sealed free air setup.

Since you have an older car definitely put them in a box and look to eventually upgrade from them because they don't sound very good and your correct, they will not win any contests, although some chicks might think having purple subs is cool.

05-27-2004, 12:57 AM
They **** *** and PLEASE don't destroy your car by cutting holes in your back dash. Do what I did- Ghetto Thunder box! Cut out four slabs of 3/4 chip board ply board or whatever into 1x2 foot rectangles and then cut 2 1 foot square slabs. Screw the four slabs together so it ends up being square. Then draw the circles for the holes by taking a pencil and making a 8 square grid(carefully measured out of course), pound a tack in the center of the four squares on each side, tie a stiring to a pencil, and making sure the pencil mark your're making is 1/2 the mounting diameter, (measure it). using a hole saw of any size, start a hole to prepare to jigsaw the round area in which the speaker will be. Jigsaw around the neat pencil marks you just made (hint smaller is better cause if you make it too big you cant glue back on what you need to screw the speaker on with). Once you have these holes, mount the speakers and wire them up (probably in your case parralel) and let the wire hang over the edge of the box as you screw the end onto it (that way the wire will be firmly held in place). Next, screw on the other end. At this point sanding is optional, and if made in enough haste unnessecary. You can seal the box well with liquid nails from the outside, or just use super glue, depending on the size of the gaps.
You can build this box, with the proper tools and experience, in under an hour. It works well enough until you've got the time/money to spend on something fancy, and believe me, your're not going to want to spend much time on an enclosure for those subs judging from the sound that you will get out of them.
I mean hell, I've got a pair of Infinity Kappa Perfect 10.1's in a box like that and they sound okay... Except they kinda split the chip board in half so i had to coat the entire box with Likwid Nails...
Ghetto Specialist, LoudCrownVic