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01-25-2014, 03:12 PM
I signed up to buy an accent fill set from J31Rob - a good guy.

I'm early retired (10 years ago) from a heavily automotive background. Hobbies include tinkering on the 'stang and on a dual sport motorcycle. Well, and driving/riding said vehicles sometimes, too! Where I live could be called mountains or "high mountain desert" would be the term used in some states. There are dangerous levels of rodents here, so I do quite a bit of hiking and hunting on my property for exercise and to keep the little furballs from wrecking my house, garage and vehicles.

My current stereo project is on the car in my avatar pic. 06 Mustang GT with various go fast stuff (blower, intercooler, bla bla).

I'm not very knowledgeable about car audio or tuning, so I'm here to learn.

My stang's stereo build thus far is about like this - a bit misguided. The remainder of this post is too wordy so it shouldn't be read by anyone ;-) You've been warned. jk

Alpine CDE-148BT HU
OEM Shaker 500 amp with subsonic filters
1 ohm Kicker 8" door subs that seem happy with the Shaker 500 amp & filters (I'm not high on Kickers; it's what I found that would fit)
Soundstream Picasso Nano 520 4 channel amp under passenger seat
Alpine 500w sub amp for the trunk sub
eBay trunk sub enclosure and Infinity Kappa 12" sub
4x JL Audio C2-570X 5x7 speakers
TrueRTA software, usb mic preamp, decent mic with cal file

The main shortcomings of the above are obvious. Due to lack of knowledge, I went with products where a lot of the money was in advertising versus content.

It's obviously not intended to be an audiophile grade system. The sound from the OEM Shaker 500 system was terribly muddy due to poor door subs getting further distorted by subsonic freqs. The system was literally "un-listenable". I was gunning for "good to very good" with the build and it looks like the former will be possible - but it's gonna take some more work to get there.

The next main shortcoming: On this car model as with many, appears difficult to get good sound (subjectively or measured with RTA) from door 5x7's due to being off axis and phase defeating. Everything else was tunable and subjectively good - even the door subs. Not excellent or perfect, but "good". Even with the usual door work, the door 5x7's were polluting the sound with comb filtering echoing up through the octaves. With what I had available, trying to tune that out was a total tail chase. No joy. Improve one area, 6 others get worse. About when I was getting non-linear, I stopped and researched. Learned the cause(s) fairly quickly - and that door 5x7's or 6x8's location in s197 'stangs is particularly BAD. Bandaids available, but better to go after the defective mechanics of it first.

So after doing a lot of mechanical improvements to try to save them, I've given up on the door 5x7's and I'm turning them off. Instead, I'm going this route with the front stage to try to get that into the "good" range like the rest of the system:

Q-Form 2014C model kick panels
CDT HD62-AS (anniv series) component set with upstage
3" accent fill set (from J31Rob)

Why CDT? Research of "non name brand" higher quality components varies wildly just by changing website or even thread. The HD-6 drivers appeared a bit long in the tooth, but a good performing time honored alternative. Info suggested it was good bang for the buck at the sale price I got and that these parts and new location should make the front stage tunable into the "good" range. Maybe even "very good". Maybe not "excellent" and definitely not perfect, but the budgeted funds and time are limited.

The system has more power than I'll ever use and to my damaged ears, it is reasonably clean. However, what I'm after is better balanced tones with a wide range of music at normal listening levels. Hence, due to lame OEM location and probably going too low buck on the speakers, the door 5x7s have to go away. Oddly, the same speaker model in the rear package tray behaves pretty well. Easily in the "good" range subjectively and as measured with the RTA. But then, they're more phase coherent and on axis.

Well, that's probably a bit windy for an intro, but that's typically my MO.

Thanks for the forum. I'll be looking around to educate myself.

Michael "Micke" S.

Hamilton G
01-27-2014, 03:03 AM
Hello everyone,
i am new for this forum. i like this thread.