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01-25-2014, 04:09 AM
I have a 2003 Mustang GT with the Mach 460 system.
My plan is to strip out the Mach 460 system and replace the speakers and amps along with building a new box for my subwoofer.
With the factory amps and sound box removed I'll have around 15" of height clearance but only about 14-14.5 I believe to get the box into the trunk for the cabin. I planned on having the subs facing forward towards the cabin with all of the wires running along the sides of the car and then under the carpet to the spare tire well (I removed my spare tire long ago) and there I will begin to organize or clean up all of my wiring.

From there the wires will run through holes cut into the carpet and through holes on the amp rack I plan on building into the amps.

My current shopping carts look like this:

Infinity Reference 6030cs 6.5 components in the front
Infinity Kapp 682.9cf 6x8 in the rear deck
Hifonics BRX640.4 Brutus amp to the speakers
Kinetik HC1400 battery
2 Stinger SVMB voltage meters (one in cabin in shifter bezel other on amp rack connected to either sub amp or distribution block, any recommendations?)
XScorpion round terminal
Scosche SA68 6x8 to 6.5 adapter plate
NVX SDTK20 sound dampening for my trunk
Knukoncepts Kolossus Fleks 0 Gauge dual amp power kit (200amp main fuse and 120/80 for distribution block)
extra 2' black 1/0 gauge for big 3 (2' is included in kit)
6 meter 2 and 4 channel Knukonceptz Krystal RCAs
75' of Knukonceptz Karma SS 16g speaker wire
40ft of remote wire in order to make a twisted run with one for each amp
Some 1/0 gauge blue and black lugs
Some Polymat carpet from amazon

I believe that's it.
Should I use the battery replace the factory one under amp or put it in my trunk as a secondary battery?
Any opinions or comments on the prospective build?
The box will most likely be designed by RAM-Designs and built by me and buddies.


Just realized I can get a Kinetik HC1800 for the same price.
Would you guys recommend it instead? It's a little bigger so it may only be usable at a secondary battery because it may not be able to fit under my hood.

Also, if I run it in the trunk, would a 200amp fuse at front battery and back battery be good?
Lastly, the 1/0 from the secondary battery would go into my fused distribution block with 4 gauge outputs to amps. The mono wire has a 120amp on it's side and there's 80 on the 4 channel side of the block. Would this work or would I need another 200 amp between secondary battery and distribution block? The distribution block would be pretty close to the secondary battery.

01-25-2014, 03:44 PM
Performing a somewhat similiar build here, I can recommend 2 things:

1. Build a template box to know the exact dimensions you need. I used some old pallets from work.
2. Look into buying welding cable from weldingsupply.com. I bought 2/0 for a great price.

01-25-2014, 04:06 PM
Do you have any idea what you want to do for sub stage? If not whats ur budget for the subs and amp?

01-25-2014, 07:22 PM
Already have sub and amp. Sundown SA-12 and Hifonics BRX1100.1