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01-23-2014, 08:39 PM
Hi guys,..

Just need some clarification on some wiring and input questions for this Kenwood DDX470 I have in the car. (I have all speakers running off amp.. so that doesn't come into factory with the harness).

Picture of Kenwood KCA-ip202 cable I ordered and have already, to install when my rear camera comes in:


Well my main question on this was with that cable taking up the USB port.. how do I switch my USB drive in and out ? I'll be running the USB drive 90% of the time and Iphone much less , primarily for the Garmin $50 app I have on my Iphone as this headunit will output that Garmin Navigation from phone to the screen and allow you to control it via the headunit and bluetooth with phone hooked into the 202 cable (won't show on the screen with a regular white iphone cable into the USB port). So this 202 cable should alleviate that.. not sure what's special about this "Kenwood 202 cable" but something is.

I was thinking I could run a standard USB extension cable up from headunit into the top compartment above headunit, and I could plug the 202 cable's USB port into that and unplug it when I put my USB flash drive in. The 202 cable's 3.5mm cable is extra long so that will go to the back of the headunit to stay no problem.

I guess I'm just making sure with a USB extension that 202 cable will still "work" right. As I won't even use this cable if it essentially takes away my ability to swap a USB flash drive with music on it and ONLY allows for iphone/ipod hook up.

The USB part of this 202 MAY be just long enough to feed up to that top compartment above the headunit by itself,.. if so then I know that will work for obvious reasons.

So that just leaves the last question of the Aux input. This unit is advertised for the 202 Cable's Iphone/Ipod Aux input, AND an AV1 Auxillary input/output.

I made a quick diagram (of the back of the DDX470) pointing it out a little more clearly:

http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7415/12110237045_dde26dca84.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/12110237045/)

In Yellow is the USB input (That cable itself might reach up to that compartment,.. if so then it surely will work with the 202 cable so I can swap in and out the USB thumb drive and Iphone as needed.. since that cable is a Kenwood and the 202 cable is a Kenwood) -- Agree?

In Blue is the Auxillary input for the Iphone/Ipod for use with the Kenwood 202 cable I bought,.. so that 3.5mm end of that cable will definitely go to this and it will ONLY be used for the Iphone.

But.. this unit has another Aux input/output Jack built into it.. which is tied into the AV1 selection -- It's circled in Red.

So,.. I'm thinking I can run just a standard male to male 3.5mm cable from this and out that top compartment so I can hook anything that outputs via a 3.5mm cable (be it a phone, computer, tablet, etc.. it will work fine when I switch the headunit to AV1 input.)

The similar looking black input above that one I circled is for the Microphone out for Bluetooth which I in use by the Mic I have hooked up for , well, bluetooth calls, voice recognition.

That accurate? Sound right?

Basically just want to know:

1) For those familiar with Kenwood DDX470 (or similar models) what all cables should be hooked up to take advantage of all features (right now I only have Ignition, Power, Ground and remote hooked up).. I did not hook up Illum, and other wires. The headunit did NOT power on until I would hook in the Antenna wire,.. so I don't think it's grounded. So just trying to get some answers on what cables should be hooked up with this 2008 350Z -- Maybe I should just try to hook them all up.. Right now it functions just fine,.. But I was told that the I need to wire in the cable that powers the Antenna "amplifier".. I definitely didn't do that for example.

2) I ordered the Kenwood KCA-ip202 cable so I would be able to operate the Garmin Navigation $50 app on my Iphone mainly.. when I need navigation, as the headunit will control the iphone app when hooked into this KCA ip202 cable and I can even use voice commands etc.. So sort of adds Navigation to the headunit. -- But I want the USB end to be hot-swappable where I can put in my USB thumb drive with music 90 percent of the time, and switch in the iphone for the Garmin Navigation app for the few times I need Navigation. So will an extension USB cable routed from headunit out to the car in reach,.. THEN plugging in the USB side of the KCA-202 cable work just fine?

3) Auxillary cable. As in the diagram,.. I have pointed out in Red the OTHER Auxillary input that goes to the AV1 source button on the headunit -- Since I will have the KCA-202 cable's 3.5mm plugged into the Blue marked Aux input,.. I can just run a standard 3.5mm Male to Male cable to this Blue input and then select AV1 on the headunit and run anything that uses a 3.5mm Aux cable this way right? I assume this is the way it was meant to be used. (AV1 also has the RCA's and video inputs.. any reason I should run Video from that to a reachable area in the car to plug things into to take advantage of the video IN of the AV1? I have the cable,.. just trying to think what I have that would actually need an RCA video (also has Red/White for audio input as well I think.).

4) And based on #3 -- Are there any like RCA (red/white/yellow) to HDMI cables where I could run the RCA's to the AV1 input and then plug the other HDMI end into a laptop? Or other such adapter cables? (This is of LOW priority,.. just while I'm back there the LAST time.. I want to have every potential feature available for use OUTSIDE the headunit in an area I can get to , to plug the device in.)

Thanks for help on any or all of these questions!

01-24-2014, 03:14 AM
Bueller, Bueller? :) Shameless Bump..:repsthrs:

Seriously,.. anyone have any idea on the 4 questions? I'm doing this in about 12 hours from now, and any answers would be nice before I start taking things apart. If not, I'll figure it out.

Appreciate it,