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01-23-2014, 06:51 AM
I was wanting to know do anyone knows how to change the chip to a lower frequency in a AudioControl The Epicenter Bass Maximizer and if so where can i go to buy them?

Side Show
01-23-2014, 07:01 PM
pics of the chip, prob the same type as my phoenix gold ax406

01-23-2014, 11:40 PM
Audio Control uses Bournes resistor arrays to set the "PFM". You can buy an array from Audio Control for $15, or you can figure out which array you need and get it from DigiKey or Mouser for less than $1. What frequency do you want to set the PFM to? They are easy to change just remove the cover and pull the "chip" out of the socket then plug the new one in.

Side Show
01-23-2014, 11:42 PM
are they the same as the R-net chips?

01-24-2014, 12:13 AM
I'm not as familiar with the Phoenix Gold, it uses a resistor array but not all resistor arrays are the same. AudioControl uses 14 pin for 18dB crossovers and 16 pin for 24dB crossovers. I have an AudioControl 6XS so all I have to do is look at the arrays to get part numbers.

Side Show
01-24-2014, 12:54 AM
yeah the PG ones are a 14 pin too I think, and yeah you can make your own with the correct resistors, tho I have made one or two, but I am crap with a soldering iron. so I am after the original ones. I no the zapco amps use freq chips too, but they are a lot different.

01-24-2014, 11:42 AM
Greetings from the Rainforest!

You can order chips from our website here: http://www.audiocontrol.com/t34/8138/735017/Accessories-and-Remotes/18dB-Module.html

The Epicenter uses 18dB/oct chips for the PFM (subsonic filter). As far as changing the chip, other posters are correct, just pull the old chip straight out (careful not to bend/break the pins) and insert the new chip (using the same care). When we pull chips here, we just use needle-nose pliers; grip the middle of the chip, gently rock back and forth as you pull straight out. Put the new chip in by hand - the pins are usually slightly splayed and will need to be guided in by hand.

You can always call us or email if you have any questions.

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