View Full Version : USB connection ipod not displaying all podcast episodes when plugged via usb mode?

01-19-2014, 04:23 PM
I use my ipod with a usb cable to hook up to my JVC head unit with USB hook up. The head unit displays the ipods screen and you use the scroll wheel like if you were using the ipods scroll wheel

when i select podcasts it displays all the podcasts I have, but only shows one episode? But when I use my ipod without it being hooked up it displays all podcast episodes? Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

For instance I listen to

Above & Beyond Group Therapy Radio

so I go
Podcasts>Above & Beyond Group Therapy Radio > and when its plugged in my car only 1 episode appears..

but when its not plugged into my car all episodes show?

Should I just make a playlist of all my podcasts so I can select them the way I want?