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The Tow Guyere
01-19-2014, 05:30 AM
Greetings, all. First a quick disclaimer...I did not notice the 'ere' at the end of my username as I was creating it and do not know how it got there. My intention was to make "The Tow Guy" as I drive a wrecker for a living. I'm too lazy to go through the account registration process again with an alternate email so I reckon The Tow Guyere I shall be.

I've been in the hobby for a great long while now dating back to the days when dual-shaft cassette decks were king and Orion HCCA and Linear Power amps ruled the competition circuits.
Sadly I must admit to being old enough to remember when digital displays on your head unit and auto-reverse cassette mechanisms were both new and VERY cool technologies. *sigh* The "good" ole days? Hardly...

The first setup I ever owned that could be.considered really nice consisted of a Yamaha head, MB Quart separates, and a quattro of Fosgate Series 1 twelves all driven by HiFonics amplification.

I am no expert by any means in any area of mobile audio enthusiasm. I know enough to install my gear without frying it but pure technical aspects of the hobby are beyond me. Ergo - do not provide me with a sheet full of T/S specs and expect me to successfully model an appropriate enclosure...it simply won't happen.

Adulthood and parenthood and the inescapable responsibilities associated with both have robbed me of the privilege of dropping mad amounts of liquid assets or dedicating large chunks of vehicular real estate in the interests of having a "killer system." On the flipside of that same coin, however, I cannot tolerate the flat, unimpressive output afforded by the average OEM gear supplied by most automakers.

My lifestyle and long-term goals, primarily putting away enough cheddar for my kids to go to college on and so that Mrs Tow Guy and I can actually enjoy the retirement years once they arrive, strictly limits my spending when it comes to aftermarket audio. Additionally, as our trips to the supermarket are generally rather expensive outings (we have 4 kids so groceries eat up a huge portion of our budget) resulting in a great many bags being filled with our purchases, I cannot take up huge chunks of.room in the back of our SUV with stereo equipment as there would no longer be room to come home with $500 worth of grub @ a time.

My current solution to wanting nice sound without spending tons of cash and not monopolizing all the space in our Yukon XL consists of a Pioneer Premier DEH-80PRS head, Diamond Audio M6 Motorsport-series 6.5" components, and a pair of Cadence CVL 8-500-4s (v1). An Eclipse EA3422 bridged powers the Diamonds and an elemental designs NINE.1 drives the Cadence 8s.

The head unit and components were sourced off of Craigslist here locally at a combined total of $300.
The Eclipse 4-channel from a flea market for another $50.
The NINE.1 came from eBay for $160/shipped.
The Cadence 8s were scored as partial repayment on a debt owed to me for around $80 I think.
The 4awg, 8awg, interconnects, d-blocks, etc. that tie it all together set me back another $100 or so after locating a source in the midst of going out of business and was moving remaining inventory for basically whatever someone was willing to give him.

Not altogether terrible for less than $700 I don't think and doesn't take up gobs of room. Those 8s really surprised me...having never run 8s before I didn't know what to expect. When they first came to me, though, they just looked interesting. They're awful beastly little guys! They easily outperform the single old-a$$ Eclipse 12 driven by a Kenwood monoblock that they replaced.

So, Dad's content cause there is something worth listening to in the overdressed station wagon and Mom's happy cause there's still room in the back for brisket and Triscuits. Lol! Such is the life of a married with children me....

Looking forward to hanging out and learning some stuff!

~The Tow Guy