View Full Version : Pioneer 150MP AUX loose

01-16-2014, 05:05 PM
Hello all I have the pioneer 150MP and recently I noticed my AUX input was loose because I only heard the music on one side. I thought at first that it could be my Bluetooth adapter or my phone but after trying different adapters, different aux cables and a different phone I can only believe it is the radio. I reached out to Pioneer and they told me because I bought it from Amazon they can't repair it for me and that I would have to go to an authorized center to get it done. The radio was only 65 bucks and I feel like going to a repair center and paying more than $20 to get something fixed would be a waste imo.

Any way for me to perhaps fix this myself? If not can I just get a new radio and only replace the faceplate instead of taking apart my console again?

05-31-2014, 04:26 PM
Did you ever get this fixed? Mine is doing the same thing - I took apart the face and the circuit board is like cardboard, really terrible quality and there's nothing bracing the aux port other than the solders to the board so of course they pulled off with normal use. I tried redoing the solders and gluing the whole area but it still cuts out..