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Quentin Jarrell
01-15-2014, 10:58 PM
I figured I better say hi to all and give a little info about myself any what I offer and will be offering.

I started out in the industry in 2002 working as a manager at Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans, La where I stayed for about four years. From there I ran my own little retail shop for a few years until I shifted into something a little more profitable and consistent (currently inspect bulk cargo ships full time). In my free time I built a few boxes and did a few installs mainly dealing with glass work. I have currently been a supporting vendor over at SSA for about six years.

Most who know me or know of me would say I have a pretty good grasp on this ole car audio stuff. I'd say I know just enough to keep me out of trouble, which is why I sought out a group of guys to help bring all this madness together and to all you good folks.

My main supplier is Nick Wright with IA. He is my main go to guy to find that "right" supplier to build that "right" part for the job. All of my parts at the moment, motors, baskets, soft parts, ect besides coils are sourced through him via China and is hand assembled by him and his guys at his warehouse.

My main subwoofer go to guru is Enrique Stiles. He is the CEO of STEP Technologies and the mastermind of the MMAG technology and a few others that I am implementing in my upcoming product. For those who remember the CV Stroker Pro with the clear cap, this is the man who designed it.

Pat Turnmire the engineer I use for Klippel testing, transducer engineering help, and all around verification an anything transducer related. He is the ONLY independent lab in the U.S. recommended by Klippel. Pat was the head engineer and actually brought Orion's car audio department to being in the day. Those who have or have read Vance Dickason's 7th edition cookbook the first few chapters are dedicated to speaker design using a program called Spead. Pat is the engineer that built and owns that program. Spead is also one of the programs I utilize.

This brings us to Vance. Although I have spoken with him I have not had the need to utilize his talents he is Pat and Enrique's go to guy for cross over design. So in the future when I get into highs and components he will be taking the reigns in that department to ensure everything is stellar.

All in all these group of guys are considered by most as some of if not the best transducer engineers in the industry. Together they have literally brought thousands of transducers to market. I use these guys to ensure that whatever I bring to market has the best possible cost to performance ratio and performs as close to physically possible to it's design goals.

01-15-2014, 11:11 PM
I am so ready for tax time woot! gonna be rocking some ethos! Goodluck man them some awesome and ground breaking ideas ur working with.

01-16-2014, 08:42 AM
I am so ready for tax time woot! gonna be rocking some ethos! Goodluck man them some awesome and ground breaking ideas ur working with.
Filed mine yesterday!!!Welcome to the forum "Q"