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01-13-2014, 10:59 AM
Okay so with tax return coming up it's not Time to put some more boom in my system. Gonna be changing from top to bottom.

Current set up:
Headunit: pioneer touch screen navi
Components: kicker all around
Sub amp: kenwood 1000 wat kac-8150d
Subs: (2) alpine type r 15's custom ported box
Wire: 4 gauge not sure on brand

Headunit: undecided (the current on runs very slow maybe just need the new software update)
Components: undecided ( give me all of your thoughts wanna keep price in mind but don't want by bass over powering the vocals)
Component amp: hifonics brz640.4
Sub amp: hifonics brz2400.1d (possibly getting two)
Subs: sticking with the (2) alpine type r 15's building a 4th order and possibly upgrading to 4 sa-12's
Rear battery: marine deep cell with a isolater
Wire: 1/0 knukonceptz all around

Other mods:
(Done)Added voltmeter running from amp
(Done)Leds but more to come
(Need) hid kit for from headlights and dog lights
(Need) led bulbs all around on signal lights
(Need) powder coat rims black

So here's the vehicle in all it's beauty with my current and some past set ups
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/825453C1-0EB6-4932-9CCB-B46F609C3025_zpsrc0plhfw.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/825453C1-0EB6-4932-9CCB-B46F609C3025_zpsrc0plhfw.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/1994D757-A565-4121-B70A-7A8B9F506858_zpse2q1vovr.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/1994D757-A565-4121-B70A-7A8B9F506858_zpse2q1vovr.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/B45EF68B-5D84-463B-8AC4-B8142BD56F45_zpsudtoj4kh.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/B45EF68B-5D84-463B-8AC4-B8142BD56F45_zpsudtoj4kh.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/04FFB656-CD90-4B78-8A0D-7F24DFEDBEE9_zpsqafltmel.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/04FFB656-CD90-4B78-8A0D-7F24DFEDBEE9_zpsqafltmel.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/604B7036-054E-48D1-AE53-4E27531CA1BE_zpsead8k2h2.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/604B7036-054E-48D1-AE53-4E27531CA1BE_zpsead8k2h2.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/6DFC07E6-004F-420A-B209-230627D45AAA_zpsnyunuep8.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/6DFC07E6-004F-420A-B209-230627D45AAA_zpsnyunuep8.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/EEB04546-91B4-459E-AD6D-0759A5746E3D_zpsav5mzeuc.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/EEB04546-91B4-459E-AD6D-0759A5746E3D_zpsav5mzeuc.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/13E24D00-EE8A-4201-A160-F9C64AFDD696_zpsnwbi0dog.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/13E24D00-EE8A-4201-A160-F9C64AFDD696_zpsnwbi0dog.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/CF5EAB08-A49A-4F0D-A8EA-9AF41C4B79ED_zpsydyqqqd3.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/CF5EAB08-A49A-4F0D-A8EA-9AF41C4B79ED_zpsydyqqqd3.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/62AEA1AF-7EB2-4E4A-BF73-A52753D3ACC2_zpshtkjb3um.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/62AEA1AF-7EB2-4E4A-BF73-A52753D3ACC2_zpshtkjb3um.jpg.html)

01-13-2014, 11:12 AM
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/3A6BF2E1-72E3-4786-A678-427A95B64713_zpsbgksvgth.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/3A6BF2E1-72E3-4786-A678-427A95B64713_zpsbgksvgth.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/6DFC07E6-004F-420A-B209-230627D45AAA_zpsnyunuep8.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/6DFC07E6-004F-420A-B209-230627D45AAA_zpsnyunuep8.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/697D822C-62B3-4FA9-B7E5-0D6267B88F0B_zpsmsewyizg.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/697D822C-62B3-4FA9-B7E5-0D6267B88F0B_zpsmsewyizg.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/99B1D34C-5482-493E-A1A3-F4786A8150E5_zpswe0pintk.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/99B1D34C-5482-493E-A1A3-F4786A8150E5_zpswe0pintk.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/9ABC1F98-0882-47B5-9A6F-434CCE2C0C11_zpsdoedgfsw.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/9ABC1F98-0882-47B5-9A6F-434CCE2C0C11_zpsdoedgfsw.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/A944EF3C-2094-4960-B9C0-6DA55F634C28_zpsprcmd7uy.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/A944EF3C-2094-4960-B9C0-6DA55F634C28_zpsprcmd7uy.jpg.html)

01-13-2014, 10:10 PM
Okay so after much trial and error ive got the final box design.thanks to all the helpful users especially Tenacious I hope to start on the build tomorrow.

version 1: total fail first attempt
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/4thorderbox_zpsc6cd1f8a.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/4thorderbox_zpsc6cd1f8a.png.html)

version 2: wrong
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/4thorderboxfinall_zpsf30f5ead.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/4thorderboxfinall_zpsf30f5ead.png.html)

version 3: finally got it right. ported section tuned to 40hz its a 1;1 sealed to ported ration. 3 cuft in each sealed chamber and 6 ported
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/4thorderbox10_zpse36ca324.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/4thorderbox10_zpse36ca324.png.html)

01-13-2014, 10:31 PM
Looks good man. I like how underglow and ur voltage meter match like exactly. Haha

01-14-2014, 01:15 AM
Lights in the grill are nice

01-14-2014, 01:54 AM
What is your budget for your speakers?

01-14-2014, 02:29 AM
A real strapped amp.

http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/604B7036-054E-48D1-AE53-4E27531CA1BE_zpsead8k2h2.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/604B7036-054E-48D1-AE53-4E27531CA1BE_zpsead8k2h2.jpg.html)

01-14-2014, 05:49 AM
Looks good man. I like how underglow and ur voltage meter match like exactly. Haha
conveniently they sell them that way lol

Lights in the grill are nice
thanks man

What is your budget for your speakers?
as far as budget im not really sure i know that the mainstream stuff can cost around $40-$100 a set but i know nothing about the better grades. Any suggestions.

A real strapped amp.

http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/604B7036-054E-48D1-AE53-4E27531CA1BE_zpsead8k2h2.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/604B7036-054E-48D1-AE53-4E27531CA1BE_zpsead8k2h2.jpg.html)
lmao thats was really the only way i could keep it there without doing major mods to it. it holds it in there pretty good.

01-14-2014, 07:31 AM
What did you do to your tail lights to make them look like that? I wanna do something like that

01-14-2014, 08:33 AM
Nice build keep up the good work.

What did you do to your tail lights to make them look like that? I wanna do something like that

Item Detail (http://www.tcpglobal.com/SprayPaintDepot/ItemDetail.aspx?ItemNo=VHT+SP999&gclid=CL3L46_j_bsCFatxQgodp14A6w)

You will need to sand the tail lights, paint, sand, clear coat, buff, buff.

01-14-2014, 07:11 PM
What did you do to your tail lights to make them look like that? I wanna do something like that

yeah it is the spray stuff, but i would reccomend getting the tint strip stuff. you can put it on just like tint on a window. it cost a little more money and is just easier to take off if you get a ticket from it. and it looks better. Im going to be doing the same thing.

01-14-2014, 07:19 PM
okay so here is my last design for the box (hopefully) also picked up some goodies from my favorite place, amazon . 50 foot spool on 1/0 some 8 guage to wire my subs up, isolator for my rear battery, some fuses, and some other install stuff. Big three and amp rewire coming soon.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/cvcvcvcxvcxvcxvcxvc_zpsc1e9be7f.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/cvcvcvcxvcxvcxvcxvc_zpsc1e9be7f.png.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/wire3_zps9238307b.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/wire3_zps9238307b.png.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/wire_zps43854bdf.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/wire_zps43854bdf.png.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/wire2_zpsff9bdc49.png (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/wire2_zpsff9bdc49.png.html)

01-17-2014, 05:59 AM
okay so i was pretty pumped about this. I got my w ire in today. still waiting on the isolator, fuse blocks, fuses, tekflex, heat (shrink, and ring terminals.
just waiting on my home depot gift card from work to but the wood for the build
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/C0CB57FB-B65E-41CA-B178-F161A6F12C2F_zpsjl68psjg.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/C0CB57FB-B65E-41CA-B178-F161A6F12C2F_zpsjl68psjg.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/2DEC711D-A4C6-4FCA-A772-9A0034BBF6FE_zpsp3vtzk81.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/2DEC711D-A4C6-4FCA-A772-9A0034BBF6FE_zpsp3vtzk81.jpg.html)

01-19-2014, 09:09 PM
So I got almost everything but the fuse holders and the heat shrink. I wanna get this show in the road already. Gonna pick up some tool maker battery terminals soon also.

Got the isolator, the tech flex to cover the wire, fuses, ring terminals, and fuses.

http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/BA703A45-7579-433B-88E0-B4FCE8858BE4_zps86dn18rj.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/BA703A45-7579-433B-88E0-B4FCE8858BE4_zps86dn18rj.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/A5BDB25E-A851-405B-9D20-F08FAF25D29F_zpsbd22jmz0.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/A5BDB25E-A851-405B-9D20-F08FAF25D29F_zpsbd22jmz0.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/9705A115-EC5E-45F7-B1FC-5C35355911BB_zpsjxek8eif.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/9705A115-EC5E-45F7-B1FC-5C35355911BB_zpsjxek8eif.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/55CBCA10-AC91-4235-B63A-3B67978DE6C3_zps7byioztu.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/55CBCA10-AC91-4235-B63A-3B67978DE6C3_zps7byioztu.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/D54196A1-8DB9-44F3-9D9E-5439E1656E31_zpsdpjkbhox.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/D54196A1-8DB9-44F3-9D9E-5439E1656E31_zpsdpjkbhox.jpg.html)

01-23-2014, 06:52 PM
Okay so I'm STILL waiting in the **** heat shrink to come in. Try to save a little by buying it online and wait two weeks. If it not in by tomorrow I'll just go pick some up at the audio shop and pay the extra money.

Just got the fuses and the fuses holders in. Accidentally ordered 300a fuses online but I already picked up some 200 amp fuses at the shop the other day. Gonna save the 300 amp ones for future upgrades I suppose.

http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/BD1F3625-E906-4D44-A603-5E22A31A5407_zpsvrb1uskt.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/BD1F3625-E906-4D44-A603-5E22A31A5407_zpsvrb1uskt.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/A5BDB25E-A851-405B-9D20-F08FAF25D29F_zpsrngjjbxn.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/A5BDB25E-A851-405B-9D20-F08FAF25D29F_zpsrngjjbxn.jpg.html)

01-23-2014, 07:08 PM
Okay and also since I haven't posted really any progress picture beside the stuff I've ordered I figured I would post some pics of a few boxes ib build for my buddies scion iq. (I know how much you Guys love picture)

This first one we built for 2 rockford 10's please ignore the crappy sony explode amp in the amp hidden amp rack we made that's all he had at the time

Just a cardboard template made to scale. First time I've personally used one and I will use them again
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/F6D3C7C2-AA77-4D2F-9665-D97C781E7D3B_zpsgpk65nid.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/F6D3C7C2-AA77-4D2F-9665-D97C781E7D3B_zpsgpk65nid.jpg.html)

Curved the back walls just slightly to fit the sape of the back of his car better. First time doing this and it went so so
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/DE752F9F-93E5-48D2-8E71-7EA7779999D2_zpsrtxstlwk.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/DE752F9F-93E5-48D2-8E71-7EA7779999D2_zpsrtxstlwk.jpg.html)

Fitting the top on. Man this thing had a ton of compound angles. Good thing our boss lets up use the shop after hours
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/817D2298-03FB-48BD-8489-1D93D1DEF969_zps6lhcprhe.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/817D2298-03FB-48BD-8489-1D93D1DEF969_zps6lhcprhe.jpg.html)

This is the last picture I have. Flared the port with quarter round molding came
Out pretty good. Wish I could find the finished picture
Of this thing. I was impressed with it especially being my first box that wasn't just a square
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/8A0F1CB0-F636-4B9B-8F63-AFC0E4BEBAC3_zpsiqm33d1d.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/8A0F1CB0-F636-4B9B-8F63-AFC0E4BEBAC3_zpsiqm33d1d.jpg.html)

This is the most recent one we made for 2 l7 15's and yes I know there are and over killed amount of kregg screws in this thing. And we also added glue blocks on every side
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/9266BF47-A4E7-49ED-BF8E-6A6B6D5F46D7_zpspkvcw3dg.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/9266BF47-A4E7-49ED-BF8E-6A6B6D5F46D7_zpspkvcw3dg.jpg.html)

Yes. Way above the window line and still to scared to wall. 9 cuft total after displacement. This thing is huge and weighs a ton. I'm still trying to get him to wall the thing. Maybe after he gets the 4 sa12's
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/485C22F7-0604-4EA9-9639-66D979C3E91B_zpsqtmd4gqc.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/485C22F7-0604-4EA9-9639-66D979C3E91B_zpsqtmd4gqc.jpg.html)

01-24-2014, 07:06 AM
Nice neon green garden hose you chose for your sequoia! Looking good so far, I'll be keeping an eye on this. That box for the scion looks great as well. Very well done! Like my grandmas steak!

01-25-2014, 02:10 AM
Nice neon green garden hose you chose for your sequoia! Looking good so far, I'll be keeping an eye on this. That box for the scion looks great as well. Very well done! Like my grandmas steak!
Thanks man.

01-25-2014, 02:28 AM
Okay so I got some good progress done today well night I should say. My and my
Buddy did my big three upgrade. This was a first for the both I think it went pretty good. I do have a question though.

When I did the alternator to battery I ran two runs of 1/0 taking the stock connection off. I noticed that there was a small wire that ran from the back off the alternator to the Battery. At first we did not
Hook this to the battery and the vehicle didn't start. After connecting it again it started right up.

I have a voltage meter running to my amp. And was settling at 13.9 volts. But after driving for about 1/4 mike and stopping at a light it started to drop to like
11.9 with no music playing at all. I figured it might be because I had my
Battery out for so long and the fact that it was sitting on the cold concrete (apparently a bad thing to do)

So after driving around for about 15 mins I was running a 14volts which I am testing from the amp. And with music on full tilt I was running at about 13 to 12.5 with the biggest drop to about 12 (seemed to depend on the bass notes) but I was still disappointingly getting some
Slight light dimming when stop for a few seconds (about 30 seconds).

Could not running the factory main wire from the alternator to the battery effect this in some way. I tried to be as specific as possible so you guys have a better idea of what I'm Asking and what I did.

Here's some picture of what we did

We drilled a hole at the top of the terminal ring and heated it up with a propane torch and melted sauter into the hole.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/D2447B48-CE89-4CD6-9815-6B55AFBA5DCB_zpsuonhyauf.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/D2447B48-CE89-4CD6-9815-6B55AFBA5DCB_zpsuonhyauf.jpg.html)

We then heat covered the wire in tech flex. which is surprisingly grease resistant. And then heat shrinked the ends with heavy duty tubing
With adhesive
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/081787DF-CDEA-420D-A2E5-F5AEAB2BCB13_zps8diduyf1.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/081787DF-CDEA-420D-A2E5-F5AEAB2BCB13_zps8diduyf1.jpg.html)

Out with the old in with the new. Roughly 4 aug stock compared to
The new knukonceptz wire
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/EA677832-940E-4E71-A83A-99DD4BC8A3AE_zpsde2yi16c.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/EA677832-940E-4E71-A83A-99DD4BC8A3AE_zpsde2yi16c.jpg.html)

Ran a new chassis ground. Sanded down the ground point and secured the ring terminal tightly. No the are three grounds in total. Factory ground to frame. Added frame ground, and beefed up factory fender ground.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/09E739C2-EB65-4DCE-AEF0-4320DAEBDA62_zpsfxs2x8mc.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/09E739C2-EB65-4DCE-AEF0-4320DAEBDA62_zpsfxs2x8mc.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/F825B261-DEA5-4F40-921D-B616DB2B01CB_zpsnm6ggwaf.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/F825B261-DEA5-4F40-921D-B616DB2B01CB_zpsnm6ggwaf.jpg.html)

A little sloppy for My liking untill I get some toolmaker battery terminals.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/4FA4E256-199D-4F5E-8D50-7B1D7054C9A9_zpsxthmfbsv.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/4FA4E256-199D-4F5E-8D50-7B1D7054C9A9_zpsxthmfbsv.jpg.html)

And just one more comparison picture
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/719631E9-141E-4F4D-B27E-2C45F80A6C99_zpsb7ixsul9.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/719631E9-141E-4F4D-B27E-2C45F80A6C99_zpsb7ixsul9.jpg.html)

01-25-2014, 09:12 PM
Okay so I had to take a long trip today around 400 miles. I'm no longer have the voltage drop. I really believe it was just my battery needing a real good long change to it. Once again I will state my volt meter is running to my amp. I was getting a solid 14 volts while driving *at the amp, and around 13.7 at the amp while sitting still. And with music
At full tilt it doesn't go below 12.6 volts. Big improvement to my 13.5 constant volts and drops as low as 11.5 when music on full tilt. Still need to run the 1/0 wire to my
Amp and my second battery so hoping for a much bigger change after that.

01-28-2014, 11:14 PM
So I got some good progress done this weekend. It's all a learning experience for me so far.

Mounted the isolator. Really the only place under the hood I could find for it. I didn't wanna
Have it in the car because I'm trying to limit the the clutter inside. It's an nvx 500 amp isolator.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/3458F8A1-0520-406E-865D-7FD374D62201_zpsyjbxraqc.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/3458F8A1-0520-406E-865D-7FD374D62201_zpsyjbxraqc.jpg.html)

Taking out the old 4 gauge and gonna clean up this mess up wires. I'm gonna order 100ft spool on tech flex soon and make it all much nicer looking.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/05BB24E6-FE6F-4424-ABA2-5A5ACD3946C7_zpswkaiqffa.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/05BB24E6-FE6F-4424-ABA2-5A5ACD3946C7_zpswkaiqffa.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/A4CFD484-6827-4AF5-B8C3-9E226288C878_zpsid8ptdii.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/A4CFD484-6827-4AF5-B8C3-9E226288C878_zpsid8ptdii.jpg.html)

I really didn't want to do this but I had to run the wire on the outside of the car. Went to Home Depot and bought the wire cover and some clips to screw it the the bottom on the truck. I could have ran it into the car. But I didn't wanna have a lump under it.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/EA2E31D0-010E-4BC9-80F1-A39E1EFA89B8_zpsvytpkkg4.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/EA2E31D0-010E-4BC9-80F1-A39E1EFA89B8_zpsvytpkkg4.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/4A804966-6989-4FC2-AB64-69E5CADC0C2C_zpspkpmuvmh.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/4A804966-6989-4FC2-AB64-69E5CADC0C2C_zpspkpmuvmh.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/7E266022-594F-4655-A995-EC26C0847FDF_zpsteolkcyu.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/7E266022-594F-4655-A995-EC26C0847FDF_zpsteolkcyu.jpg.html)

Getting all the wire cut to length and put the end on for the rear battery. I dont
Know how I don't have a picture of it but ill make sure to post it
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/392C97AB-89FE-4383-BC1B-2DB2C41F005B_zpsywavxovj.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/392C97AB-89FE-4383-BC1B-2DB2C41F005B_zpsywavxovj.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/1A68E48C-5912-42B3-9128-6DE9C8FCD00B_zpstqhlfpjp.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/1A68E48C-5912-42B3-9128-6DE9C8FCD00B_zpstqhlfpjp.jpg.html)

01-28-2014, 11:58 PM
i enjoy your thought process on putting your power wire inside that thick rubber type sleeve to go under the car - may i suguest to you tho - to add drain vent holes every 2 foot on that outer sleeve. nothing big - just maby a 1/8" drill bit to allow moisture that gets inside that sleeve to be able to drain out as i suspect over time it will fill up with water / moisture and could potentialy ruin your nice run of 0 guage

01-29-2014, 09:35 PM
i enjoy your thought process on putting your power wire inside that thick rubber type sleeve to go under the car - may i suguest to you tho - to add drain vent holes every 2 foot on that outer sleeve. nothing big - just maby a 1/8" drill bit to allow moisture that gets inside that sleeve to be able to drain out as i suspect over time it will fill up with water / moisture and could potentialy ruin your nice run of 0 guage

I guess I could have taken more pictures to explain I ran the tubing up into the engine bay. And heat shrinked it to cover the opening. The tubing was just big enough to get the wire in it. And the other end I ran into the back of my truck. And heat shrinked the ends *** well. The only open ends are the one under the hood. And the other being inside the back of my truck.

I got the idea of using the tubing from a build log I seen on here. Can't remember which on. But I've gotten a lot of good ideas from the build logs people post.

02-15-2014, 10:52 AM
Okay so got the 4th order built. Didn't add too much bracing and didn't glass the inside like I wanted to. I just didn't want to put a whole bunch of time into it when it was my first
Building a fourth order and I wasn't sure how good it would come out.

But after this I'm am defiantly a fan or the 4th order!
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/9C83F58D-D1ED-43E9-9437-C93B64C58BC0_zpsvugbbayx.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/9C83F58D-D1ED-43E9-9437-C93B64C58BC0_zpsvugbbayx.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/B49CFC5E-9E34-42AE-A0C0-7FA361DC1C6E_zpsrcbegxg5.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/B49CFC5E-9E34-42AE-A0C0-7FA361DC1C6E_zpsrcbegxg5.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/59A5B92C-3889-4355-AB70-0C4F6E3ED97C_zps9kcykpva.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/59A5B92C-3889-4355-AB70-0C4F6E3ED97C_zps9kcykpva.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/C402E356-CA60-4E3C-83F5-A08286F36A1C_zpsqeeq1zrq.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/C402E356-CA60-4E3C-83F5-A08286F36A1C_zpsqeeq1zrq.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/4490A954-AFDF-4582-B4A5-A57AAE94B290_zpsgiqzsjue.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/4490A954-AFDF-4582-B4A5-A57AAE94B290_zpsgiqzsjue.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/0D5E5891-C42F-4E4C-9D41-B38427144A99_zpsso4azxkj.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/0D5E5891-C42F-4E4C-9D41-B38427144A99_zpsso4azxkj.jpg.html)

02-15-2014, 04:46 PM
Nice job,that thang is huge!!

02-15-2014, 05:41 PM
Id recommend these battery terminals if you dont need more than 3 power or grounds:

Amazon.com: KnuKonceptz Triple 1/0 Gauge Battery Terminal Pair: Car Electronics (http://www.amazon.com/KnuKonceptz-Triple-Gauge-Battery-Terminal/dp/B004YZ3W9I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392504043&sr=8-1&keywords=knukonceptz+battery+terminal)

02-16-2014, 01:50 PM
Nice job,that thang is huge!!
yeah its a little big. But for the increase in output i got from it ill give up the space any day. I took out the third row with full intent to use that whole space.

Id recommend these battery terminals if you dont need more than 3 power or grounds:
Im going to be buying some tool maker battery terminals. once I get a new front battery.

Amazon.com: KnuKonceptz Triple 1/0 Gauge Battery Terminal Pair: Car Electronics (http://www.amazon.com/KnuKonceptz-Triple-Gauge-Battery-Terminal/dp/B004YZ3W9I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392504043&sr=8-1&keywords=knukonceptz+battery+terminal)

02-16-2014, 03:20 PM
Well...How does it sound?...what amp pushing them?

03-02-2014, 05:33 PM
Well...How does it sound?...what amp pushing them?

sounds great. im a 4th order fan forsure now. i have a kenwood kac8105d on the two subs. gonna be ordering the some stuff sometime this week an amp will be one of thoses things. plus looking at some 270 amp alts.

03-02-2014, 05:49 PM
alright so i know this build is going pretty slow. but im on a budget and buy things as i get more money. here is some pics off the box again. it was flexing like crazy so i decided to take it back out and resin it and added some dowel supports.
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/FD51A6DA-35F9-4AB4-9FC2-0C1551226A87_zpsls4gbep0.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/FD51A6DA-35F9-4AB4-9FC2-0C1551226A87_zpsls4gbep0.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/281F7C2C-759D-4790-8D57-34B6E1B24055_zpsxwfbh9u6.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/281F7C2C-759D-4790-8D57-34B6E1B24055_zpsxwfbh9u6.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/7A410F00-2445-439B-8CDB-098D88333605_zps7vgpi20u.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/7A410F00-2445-439B-8CDB-098D88333605_zps7vgpi20u.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/109BD095-0AA2-489F-89EB-C1F6A73FC1EE_zpsrgupvsed.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/109BD095-0AA2-489F-89EB-C1F6A73FC1EE_zpsrgupvsed.jpg.html)
http://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad24/justinprzytulski/car%20audio/4C397DED-DF91-41E8-951F-11BD4C866D47_zpshfdlwmlr.jpg (http://s918.photobucket.com/user/justinprzytulski/media/car%20audio/4C397DED-DF91-41E8-951F-11BD4C866D47_zpshfdlwmlr.jpg.html)
really need some practice with carpeting