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01-07-2014, 06:58 PM
Hello all,
New to the site. I had a system in my old truck but it was pieced together with a mix of all different brands and ****. I had an open item head unit just something simple, a infinity 12" sub that got broke on the install because it was old and I was young and dumb, I then bought a 12" rockford punch, that I later blew before I sold the truck. The whole system was powered by a small MTX amplifier. I joined the site to get some insight on a new system for my current truck. I went to an audio shop and told them my budget ($1000 max) and they gave me a quote for $1400 but that was completely finished and ready to go. I have done some research and I plan on buying everything and then having it installed after. I looked at crutchfield and they are great because they throw in the dash kit and the wiring harness and everything for cheap. I was just wondering if you guys could give me some advice on what I should purchase for the subwoofers and amplifier. I was planning on running two 12's but that might be a little much for an extended cab truck. Here is the link to the head unit from crutchfield Crutchfield Cart (http://www.crutchfield.com/app/cart/default.aspx). So I am looking for all of your suggestions on the amplifier and the subwoofer or woofers. The mounting depth is the critical part of the system because the box would only be 5-3/4" maximum. Please feel free to ask any questions y'all have. Thanks.

01-09-2014, 11:51 AM
anyone have any suggestions at all?

01-09-2014, 12:56 PM
With respect to Crutchfield, I could give you a $17.00 dash kit too if I overcharged you by $40.00 on a head unit. ;-) It doesn't really matter how things are arranged, in the end, you are paying for everything you buy. The question is, do you want to overpay for one thing because you think the other is free?

For a single cab truck, I would suggest running two quality 8 or 10" subs in a custom built ported box. My preference would be the 8s, because you can give them closer to their maximum required volume and that translates into better low end response. Two 12s in a sealed box will be loud, but they'll also fall flat on their arse below ~30-40hz.