View Full Version : Microlab FC10 – Dapper Multi-Colored Speakers Featuring DSP Technology

01-05-2014, 11:15 AM
Whether you’re a college student, a home theater fanatic or just an audiophile, there’s always a place for speakers in your life. Buying a set used to be easy a decade ago when the audio technology sector was dominated by a few names, but fast forward to 2013, there are so many options available that you can easily get caught in a dilemma. Microlab speakers, however, can prevent you from being gloom in doom.
Microlab is not a name in the household at the moment, but judging by the upsurge in the quality of their speakers (specs, features, design etc.), they may be very well on their way. The brand itself has won several awards during the last few years and among their latest speaker models, FC10 Microlab is the most dapper. Apart from being elegant in shape and design, it comes with several other features that make it an attractive buy.
Microlab FC10 Speakers – Features That Appeal
1. Built-in technology
First of all, you should know that this system doesn’t include a subwoofer. You may not find the walls of your room wobbling with FC10 from Microlab, but the sound will remain free of distortion thanks to the build-in DSP (digital signal processing) technology. Also, the speaker products a good amount of low frequency audio thanks to the bass reflex tunnel featured in the cabinet.
2. Specs and Aesthetics
This is the section where you will be saying kudos to Microlab because the triangle shape of FC10 really stands out. The top of the speakers features plastic, and the grills are made of metal. This combination is further complemented by the unique shape of the two speakers, making the whole set robust and elegant.
As for the specs: 30 Watt RMS - Total Power, 15 Watt x 2 - Power Distribution, <0.5 % 1 W 1 - kHz Harmonic distortion, 80 Hz – 20 kHz – Frequency response, > 65 dB – Signal or Noise ratio, > 45 dB – Separation, 5 Watt x 2 8 Ohm - Tweeter rated power, 0.5" x 2 – Tweeter type, 15 Watt x 2 8 Ohm – Woofer rated power, 2.25” – Woofer type, 3.5mm stereo jack for input, Propriety plug for output, 3.0 x 6.5 x 6.0 x 6.5 inch – dimensions, 4.41 lbs. – weight.
3. Compatibility
There is very little to complain about when it comes to compatibility of this model. And perhaps you may already know through the FC10 Microlab speaker reviews that this specific make is compatible with a range of devices that is just not limited to your PC.
This means that you can play high quality music on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC and even your MP3 player. The 3.5mm standard audio jack will make sure that there are no issues while you try to play music across different devices.
Final thoughts on FC10
Microlab turns out to be a solid manufacturer of top notch stereo speaker systems. The FC10 speaker model focuses more on the new-era design, yet manages to promote a sound balance that consumers expect from stereo systems today. The multi-color options; blue, white, pink and black and the low price tag of around US$65 (may vary a bit) further adds to its appeal.