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01-02-2014, 11:50 PM
Hey I bought a pioneer gm-d8604 amplifier and infinity reference 6030cs component speakers. I turned my pioneer head unit up fairly loud and it blew out one of the woofers.

Now I need new speakers, my question is will 100 watt rms speakers suffice or should I go for something with like 110 or 120 rms?

I just dont want to blow anything else

It looks pretty bad when Im driving my bugatti veyron that I spent over 8 million dollars on and the speakers are blown so please help.


01-02-2014, 11:58 PM
85% head unit volume, be easy in the amp gains.
Really need to use an oscope or dmm to set gains, but if not, just be easy on the stuff.

Probably need to set the hpf to 80hz also,

01-03-2014, 12:02 AM
If your driving a Bugatti. Then why are you buying pioneer ?

01-03-2014, 02:16 AM
Hrmm.. I'm no expert.. But the amp is more powerful than those speakers.. which is a good thing. However, to blow one out -- My best guess is you (or whomever installed the amp) didn't set the gains properly for those 90watt speakers. I sort of doubt you had your headunit up at 100% (maxxed) as this would be nuts loud while in the car.. but if gains are set too high on an amp that throws out 120watts then you could have been sending a very clipped signal for a prolonged period to the speakers and poof goes the cone..

I don't think it's so much your equipment as it is the setup. You can blow a speaker with a 1 watt amp with a distorted signal.. I guess point being is there is no real .. Buy this amp, and this speaker and you can't blow it answer. But, if you liked the sound of those speakers grab them,.. or the updated set, as those are discontinued by manufacturers.. though of course you can still find a replacement set that is NOT the new version ,.. new.. in many places.

Pioneer doesn't get the best rep for Amps here.. but I've heard equally good things about that amp you are using due to it's affordability, power, size, -- just not on a forum of Car audio "elitist" like you have here. (That's a compliment guys ;) ) -- I'm pushing my ideas here so they are really subject to some of the highest standards you are going to find in an online car audio forum.. if something passes that test here,.. then you've done something right.

Again, if you loved the way these sounded.. just replace them and learn how to dial in the amp (if you aren't sure about it).. or get someone else who does to check your gains and headunit -- Best done with an O-scope, but at minimal with a DMM.

If you weren't blown away with this speaker set.. that amp can run a ton of good mid range speakers.. maybe it's a good time to try something else.

Good luck,

01-03-2014, 08:58 AM
I have a unicorn does anyone kno how i can keep it from shittin rainbows on my carpet?

01-03-2014, 11:11 AM
If your driving a Bugatti. Then why are you buying pioneer ?

Better question: Why is he trolling so badly?

01-03-2014, 11:29 AM
Better question: Why is he trolling so badly?

Pretty much

01-04-2014, 12:02 AM
Serious thread and thanks for the advice I'm sure the gain was just set up too high. I'll look into setting it properly . thank you

And I know you find it hard to believe but I was just kidding about the Bugatti part of my post.

01-05-2014, 09:20 PM
Well it says on the headunit I have to tune amp to 4volt on the gain andit was higher than that so you were right... Thanks alot for the help