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01-01-2014, 06:48 PM
We have decided going into the new year that we are going to discontinue making the T-Series 5 Channel Amplifiers as it seems the demand for 5 Channel Amplifiers is not as high as we originally anticipated. By taking away the 5 channels from our line up we will be able to better serve other areas in higher demand such as some of the new woofers we are developing..

The T-Series 5 Channels are the only amplifiers being blown out and discontinued, we will continue to manufacturer the mono block models. The 2 5-CH models that we are blowing out are very high quality and strong amplifiers, a steal at the price they are going for now.

The 2 Models on blowout are the T-60.4-200.1AB and T-60.4-500.1D. Once these are gone they are gone. All sales will include a warranty as typical, but sales are final. The pricing is VERY attractive, so take advantage of it before the amplifiers are gone!


T-60.4-200.1AB = BLOWOUT Price = $189.99 (Normal MAP = $329.99)
T-60.4AB-500.1A = BLOWOUT Price = $219.99 (Normal MAP = $399.99)

TO ORDER - Visit the link below to buy directly from our website or go to Skar Audio - Where Audiophiles Meet Excellence (http://www.SkarAudio.com) and visit the T-Series Amplifier Page. You can order directly from our website during this blowout. SHIPPING IS FREE WITH PURCHASE in the lower 48 States, and will be calculated automatically during checkout if you are outside of the USA.

>>> Order the Skar Audio T-60.4-200.1AB for $189.99 NOW <<< (http://store.skaraudio.com/t-604ab-2001ab-5-channel-amplifier-p25.aspx)
>>> Order the Skar Audio T-60.4-500.1D for $219.99 NOW <<< (http://store.skaraudio.com/t-604ab-5001d-5-channel-amplifier-p26.aspx)

Happy New Years! Take advantage of this sale before they run out!

01-02-2014, 02:48 AM
Hey bud, there's a couple posts in the yard sale but no answer, are looking to sell any of that crap or just let it sit on the shop floor?