View Full Version : Option for a non head unit "head unit"?

12-29-2013, 11:14 PM
Hi everyone, first off I'm new to the forum. Well right now I just mounted my iPad mini in my dash and my HU in a custom center console/sub enclosure in my '08 F-150 and I am looking to get rid of my HU for a cleaner look and I still want to have a master volume knob mounted in the dash somewhere. I plan on running a amp for my door speakers and an amp for my sub-woofer, and so far I have come up with running a iSimple Tranzit going to an AudioControl Matrix Plus with the ACR-1 remote level control, and going straight to the amps from there. Would just like any input to make sure this is going to get the job done and if there are any other options out there.