View Full Version : WTT 2 18" re sx 18s minty dual2 for soundsplinter rl-i8s or...

JL Audio
12-29-2013, 05:27 PM
not that newer crap, these were two of the last three on sonicelectronix a while back. Dunno who bought the last one.. anyhow. They are minty bnib and have been sitting in my hummer unused for several months as I took a hiatus from audio yet again.. looking for some soundsplinter 8s to go with the one i've had put back for a while. Going to do a simple SQ system.. but I want some cone area to it when locals decide their kickers/rockfords are needing shown off for no reason and I like to support the always cool soundsplinter... miss that cool stuff.

if pics are NEEDED.. it'll just be of the boxes sitting in my hummer.. I have over 750+ ref for years now and everyone knows me on this site and others ( caco/mwcaraudio/roe/smd/diyma/crunktimes/ssa/etc) so..