View Full Version : Difference in box calc programs???

12-29-2013, 10:10 AM
I have been trying to do my research and I have come up with about half a dozen different answers for the given parameters of my subs:

18" shockers
Numbers on speakers:
F(s)- 48.45
Q(ts)- .454
Q(es)- .6137
Q(ms)- 1.745
L(e) - .6475
M(ms) 350.2
V(as)- 2.415

These numbers were taken from a wt3 tester program.

Now I have come up with Cf measurements of as little as 3cf per sub to as much as 10cf per sub. As far as port area I have seen as little as 70"sq and 11" length to 132"sq and 36" in length. It's been some time since I have really done any serious installs and at that time (10 years ago) audio technology was rather limited and knowledge of it was a lost art. Looking for a possible explanation for the variances.

If it helps, truck is an 01 expedition, enclosure will be located behind the 3rd row seat, subs inverted facing up and port back, would like to keep it in a 48x30x21 area and looking to tune around 30 hz.