View Full Version : e46 coupe trunk sub setup, seal off, or rear fire?

12-26-2013, 04:10 AM
Ok guys this topic has been beat to death from my searches, so I decided to join the fourm to just flat out ask a question since its always been SPL related and never answered my question.. I am going to spend some cash having one or the other done so I am asking so I can lessen my chances of tossing money away at the stereo shop..

I own a 2006 BMW M3, the system I have that is uninstalled are alpine 6.5" comp sets that will go in the front and rear and will be powered off a alpine f600 amp.

subs is a lil tricky as I have a few choices ill list all i have then get into the rest later on.. I have a M1000 amp, and a M2000 amp from alpine and I also have 2 12" alpine type X subs.

Now screwing around one day I built a sub box it was 2.2 cubes volume and was tuned to 33hz, and port was 14.5" tall by 2.5" wide and i forget length but it was 33hz tuning.. I ran one of my type x 12's off the m1000 at 2 ohm and it sounded quite good.. ( i took out the ski pass)

Problem was I had horrid truck rattle, so I added dynamat galore to it, helped a ton but still flexed like a madman...

So I figured it would only get worse by upgrading to the m2000 amp, thats when i was like well I have 2 of these subs id like to run them.. So I have pondered running both subs in my car sealed in around 1.45 cubes each chamber and selling the m2000 and each sub would then get a m1000 on it.

ok that was my first ponder do i run 2 12" sealed type x's with a m1000 on each, or do I port only 1 and use the m2000 on it.

next thing was i thought about doing the sealed deal but facing them into my cabin, and sealing them off from the trunk.. then I get rid of that horrid trunk rattle that I hate... inside the car yes it sounds amazing, but the car next to me in traffic will look at me like WTF that is crap!! even tho inside its amazing.. so sealing off the trunk would help me solve that issue..

so if i would indeed seal off my trunk for my subs and face them directly to the backside of my rear seats with the arm rest open.. Would it even sound good, and would it sound as good and loud as rear firing.. I love that deep bass but I want to be able to feel the bass too.. so is forward firing and sealing it off really that good, for a daily driver or is it strictly a spl style trick?? I only want to do this once (hopefully) this is why I ask.. whats your guys thoughts??

and if I do forward fire and you guys agree I wont lose bass and i can cure my trunk rattle problem doing so thats the winner.. Then comes do I do the single sub ported into the cabin, or do I seal them up and run the dual 12's?? remind you I of course want it to be loud but im not planning on making a spl trophy run, I want it clean and deep and able to play anything from country, to jimmy buffett, to Drake well.. basically everything good.. Im asking for the skillful at everything but a master of none type system.. no one hit wonder..

which would you guys do and why??

No I dont plan on selling my stuff and rebuying something else cause you happen to like a brand better than alpine and such.. this is not a brand thing from my view, just a simple question about in general audio so if it comes down to a sundown will stomp the alpine (then just imagine I said i have a sundown sub and not the alpine ok)? hope i dont sound rude with that statement, just looking for honest opinions not a flame brand war..

right now I would really love to seal off and use a single ported sub in the cab off the m2000 but i have never seen, nor heard a system that was sealed off from the trunk so thats why I ask.. I am basing this completely off what I have read, the shop doing my stuff in 2 weeks said they never tried to seal off a trunk or had anyone ask, only walls in extreme SPL setups so I will sort of be the first to seal it off but go for quality rather than an SPL number....

is what I am seeking doable? am I on the right path? or should i scrap it and rear fire and just add more and more dynamat and tighten everything under the su nto keep the rattle and flex away? which I will do if i can but it seems if i seal it off based on what I have read I can accomplish a lot more.. Gain some SQ, kill my trunk flex (rattle) maybe even get a lil better spl to boot.. and protect my trunk/subs for if i toss my gol clubs in the rear I wont have to worry about putting my driver into the cone of my sub or subs.. i can kinda hide it (in a way)

not looking for heaven here guys.. just down to earth honesty with the cards I have... your the experts and I ask your guidence.. I like to think I know some about stereo and i feel I do, but this is something I dont fully understand unless I was going for a high SPL number.. which in my case I am not.. I just want my cake and eat it too if its possible in my case?

End of the day my car is a m3 (not to brag cause plenty are out there) but basis is I want to keep the classy and eligant style to my car and not have a stereo that makes it seem like i shoved everything i could into the trunk and am going about it "ghetto" style... pardon my pun to anyone I mean no offense by saying that, i just hope you all see my point im trying to make.

thanks in advance!

12-26-2013, 05:14 AM
Holy crap. That's a long *** post.

Do the seats fold down in the e46? If yes... seal em off forward. If no... you're probably better off deadening the crap out of the trunk and doing it traditionally. Unless those subs will work in a bandpass and you want to try your hand at doing an armrest blowthrough.

12-26-2013, 05:51 AM
Sorry for the long post, just wanted to lay all the cards on the table. Yes the seats fold down, and the arm rest does also. Sounds like I should forward fire and seal off from the trunk. Now do I do single ported or dual sealed? Granted either combination will see 2000rms it's which would be the best all round setup? Like I said I do t want a one hit wonder.

I want to be able to listen to I dunno queen, then 5 mins later play snoop dog and have it kick *** on both. Not trying to break records just want a kick *** all round system.

12-26-2013, 11:51 PM
Seal'em. If edging more towards sound quality than loudness 2000 rms should be plenty in a sealed box.imo

12-27-2013, 12:02 AM
thats sort of what I am thinking, just seal them and toss 1000 at each, I mean heck it will sound clean as heck, and play near whatever.. and if its not loud enough I prob should get myself rechecked lol.. I am sure it will be more than enough for that car.. dual 12's sealed off in a proper sealed box with 1000rms on each sub... should do wonders.. in my view.. Just wanted to make sure sealing them off vs rear firing was correct or not..

12-29-2013, 05:33 AM
You will be fine with 1000W each sealed in an E46! I just added a 600W Dayton in a small sealed box to my 330XI. It's all I really need for a daily driver... I normally don't even fold the seats down, except on long trips. I have my other cars for when I want to get really loud.