View Full Version : Need advice on building a sealed SQ enclosure for a Polk Audio SR124-DVC 12"

12-24-2013, 03:40 PM
Basically, so far I have installed the front speakers, tweeters, fronts amp, and my head unit.
-MM6501 Speakers
-Pioneer PRS-80

Everything is good so far, and although I do have people that can help me, they love SPL, which will work against me achieving a decent entry-level SQ system.

Like I said in the title, I'm building an enclosure for a 12" Polk SR124. I'ts new. Sub amp is a Hifonics Brutus Bx1205d D-Class.

I am a complete noob when it comes to car audio, but as an audio enthusiast am eager to learn. My main genres are hip-hop, edm, classic rock, metal (in that order). I am a slight basshead, but SPL is light years away from what I consider bassy. SPL just sounds like cr*p to me.

12-24-2013, 03:51 PM
About 1.2 cubic ft would be good but you are going to want a different amp .Thats a 700 watt svc sub and your amp only buts out 450 watts (maybe) at 4 ohms.

edit - i see the title says DVC! so amp will be fine, sorry.

12-30-2013, 10:00 PM
Okay, I am probably going to go about 1.35 ft^3 or so.
Do I "really" need a cup, or can I run the wires through some holes and seal them?
Also, if I go 1.35, does each of the following: length, width, and height matter? What should each one be?

01-01-2014, 03:27 PM
The only thing you need to worry about with respect to the shape of the box is making it deep enough for the sub to cool. If it has a pole vent, make sure the back of the motor is at least one full width of that vent from the back wall of the box. If no pole vent, you should still keep it ~" away in case the back of the cabinet or the baffle flex.

And yes, you can run the wire through and seal the hole. Use siliconized painter's caulk or Polyseamseal though, not silicone. Unless you're building a glass box... ;-)