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12-16-2013, 10:21 PM

So, about 4yrs ago we (DSP Car Audio) bought an amazing touch-screen selecting switching system from MTI (MTI Intuition System). It was great, not only could we switch products from one source to another, but the screen displayed the info on all products selected at the time.

....but then....

The weather intervened, our shop was stuck by lightning and totally killed our MTI MCU-computer. So, we contact MTI to possibly buy/replace parts of the system that got fried (the MCU)....MTI informs us....they no longer service, trouble-shoot, nor offer replacement parts for our $6k+ switching system.

Yep. MTI pretty much told us to f--k off....but they did offer to send me a user manual (already had one). And told us that the "Intuition" 4400i and 4402i switching boards would only work with the MCU (not on-site buttons)....um...wut....our MCU is fried....and they no longer offer support/repair/replacement....FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

For some of your that may know MTI switching systems....ALL of our low current speaker level switching boards are the "I" revision. That means, using them on an On-Site style switching system won't happen. But, I do have 4-4700 Hi-current boards that I CAN USE with On-site switching.

Looking back on it now, we should have used Audio Authority.

....end MTI rant.....


On to the new basic display board switching build.

We have decided to cut out losses and just build a very simple 5 (stand-alone) panel switching display from scratch.

Just 5 HU stand-alone panels (2-DDin, 3-SDin HU).
Switched front (6.5coax/6.5comp), switched rear (6x9)
Also HU power vs. Amplified power to front/rear speakers (where applicable)
And, sub output.

Each of the 5 "stations" will switch sources independently, this is the major downfall of the display.
But, this display will allow us to show many products.

We are building this switching system from SCRATCH!!!
The mainstay of this 'from scratch' system will be.....SPDT 40A relays.

-----Step One-----

Station 1. (13-Relay Board, 3 On-site switches)

1 HU 4ch-output
1 Pair Front
1 Pair Rear
1 4Ch Amp

-Switch Front and Rear channels ON/OFF independently.
-Switch HU speaker level output ON/OFF to speakers.
-Switch Amp REM ON/OFF, and switch Amp output ON/OFF to speakers.


Stay tuned....this is gonna be a LONG BUILD LOG.....
This might not look good until we get that actual 'Display Board' framed up....but I plan to pre-wire EVERYTHING beforehand.
Any good installer knows, planning and labeling is KEY.

12-16-2013, 10:57 PM
Station 1. Continued....

A little more info on the switching board. In the open position, the middle relays see HU power input (87a-input), to select the Amp output, the relays are powered/ latched (87-input). This powered output to the relays also supplies the off-centered middle relay to REM-Turn-on for the amp. When the front or back speaker are selected (87), they are powered by the whatever the middle group of relays output to the upper and lower groups. All relays output to 30.


12-18-2013, 05:03 AM
This is gonna be a cool build log, I look forward to progress

12-18-2013, 07:05 AM
Looking forward to watching this build.