View Full Version : need some help on blueprints for a subwoofer enclosure

12-12-2013, 08:42 PM
This is my first time on the site so I apologize if i did it wrong. I was told this site was extremely helpful when I posted the same question on yahoo answers. Im hoping someone could give me exact measurements that will put me at the right hrtz and cubic feet my subs require...and yet still fit in my accord. I have a 4x8 sheet of mdf waiting to be cut on...i just dont wanna mess it up.
i have a 94 accord two door
looking to build a box for my two power acoustik 12's which are rated at 2800 watts a piece peak ...i think model is p3-12 and I have a two channel 6000watt amp powering them. Im after the "heard and felt from a distance" kind of bass.
my questions are ported or sealed...what hz...and can you find and provide blueprints with demensions and what not.
the box i have now is slotted with the outer demensions being H-13.5, W-32, D-17...and im getting decent bass but i know i can get alot more. I wanna be heard from a distance.
the sub manual is recommending the following- ported box: 2 cubic feet, port diameter 4"X12.5"
FB/F3 (HZ) 35/29...sealed box 1.25 cubic feet and tuned to 35.6 hz........im not sure what some of that means so im hoping someone can make it easier for me.

you can also email me at [email protected]
I appriciate all help and advice