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12-11-2013, 01:51 AM
Hello. Im a new member & pretty new to (posting in) forums in general. I'm always making changes/upgrades. Im here mostly to learn new things & also I've recently realized forums are great for finding great deals on used car audio equipment (selling too). I like to do things myself vs. paying a shop to do them for me. I always do my best to research things well before I ever make a new purchase & I always need good advise before making my decisions. I know a lot of the basics, especially the wiring side of things. Ive built (well, wired) my current set up mostly myself, minus Head Unit install. haven't started building sub enclosure(s) yet. Wired up all the 1/0 OFC to & from alt / 3 xs power batts / 3 amps on amp rack under back seat of my escalade, 270 amp alt ect ect... SO, anyway a lot of the questions I have are going to be ones that I'm a little less familiar with. Things like specifics on potential upgrades. Line drivers, EQs, port tuning differences (pros & cons of different enclosure tuning), sub frequencies (LOVE the super LOW frequencies) & a LOT of best bang for the buck type scenarios! .TRUE RMS power ratings & so on... I am NOT new to car audio, but pretty new to joining forums although I read & learn from them often. I spend way more time out doing things & playing with my cars instead of sitting around on forums just for the fun of it, but I need knowledge from knowledgeable people & this forum seems to be a great one so that's why I'm here. Anyway, to sum it up, I'm not here just to socialize and b.s., I'm here to learn more about the stuff I don't know about yet, and find good deals on used subs & amps. I try my best to save money anytime possible bc I don't have lots of it!... Equipment interests: ( used amps like crescendo, sundown, DD, DC, audioque (AQ) & amps of that nature. Big D class amps with thousands (mostly with or over 2000-3000 watts rms each & 18" subs that can handle that kind of power each too). Subs like Fi, sundown, SSA, IA & re audio XXX are some of my favs. I'm not into competitions, but I want to hit BIG DB's while maintaining GOOD SQ. I already have 4000 rms going to 2 - 18" Xcons & 1000 rms going to mids/highs & Im upgrading soon. My fingers are tired now LOL, & Im surprised if you have read this far anyway. If your still reading this & have a GREAT deal on any of the above stated subs/amps, please let me know. I don't have thousands of forum posts & feedback & all that, but, I'm a VERY honest person, & that's the honest truth. BYE!

12-11-2013, 02:03 AM
Welcome ! There's a lot to learn here if you talk to the right people I'm one of the reps/ dealers here. I've been here since 2009 and been into car audio for over 35 years So I've been around the block a few times

12-11-2013, 02:24 AM
I have a lanzar opti3500d for sale that I'm really trying to get rid of. You mentioned bang for your buck, the lanzar optindrive line is great for good quality at a budget friendly price