View Full Version : sundown box design for under truck seat?

11-25-2013, 02:19 PM
hey guys so i have a sundown sa12-d2 but it does not fit in my current box. so i plan on building my own i have before so i know i can again. i just need help on dimensions and recommended air space and things like that.

i want it to be able to hit the lows very well not really concerned about the mids right now. i like my base to shake the truck lol

the dimensions im going to give are the measurements that would make a box flush against all sides so obviously it will haft to be smaller to accommodate the speaker. it is going to be under the back seat of my 1999 silverado 1500 extended cab with the 3rd door. it will be on the driver side and it can extend all the way to the back of the driver seat if needed. i am not concerned about foot space for that 1 side.

so here we go

21" wide (because the floor rises under the center seat)
25" depth (from the back of the space under the seat to the mounts for the driver seat)
7."-10.5" height (the seat sit at an angel so at the back its 7" and extends to 10.5" where the seat stops. but then it could get as tall as needed.)

i hope this is enough information and please reply quick thanks guys

11-28-2013, 01:47 AM
I built a under the seat box for my tens. Be careful with the height because there's a small bulge on the floor in front of the seat to factor in, as well as how high the subs sit on top the board plus excursion. My box ended up less than 7" high because of those issues. Good luck. Worse case scenario, the seat is easy to raise an inch or 2.