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Vertex Audio
11-23-2013, 02:39 AM
Alright so we decided to take a little bit of a different approach to our Black Friday sale. We are doing full system and sub stage combo deals. We are also putting some set ups together using our traded in gear from our trade in program. These have some new products in them because they were needed to make a good match. These are one time deals, first come first serve on the used set ups.

Used Packages:

Starter Set Up:
CDT HD 62CF Set Component Set
Incriminator Audio I65 Coaxials (BNIB)
Polk PA660 4 Channel Amp
Alpine MRPM500 Mono Amp
Kicker CRV 12" D4

Total Price: $449 SHIPPED

SQers Dream
Hybrid Audio Legatia 3 way set
Zed Leviathan III 6 Channel Amp (BNIB)
CDT SQA 1000 Mono Amp (LNIB)
DC lvl 2 10 " Sub D4

Total: $1,789 SHIPPED

New Gear Set Ups

Full Systems:
Zed Mikro I Mono Amp
Zed Mikro IV 4 Channel Amp
CDT HD 1000 10" Sub

Total: $795 SHIPPED

2 Incriminator I65c Component Sets
Ampere Audio 125.4
Incriminator Audo 10.1
Ampere Audio AA-12"

Total: $1,050 SHIPPED

And Last but not least..

Just for the Hell of it Combo!

4 Incriminator Audio I65c Component Sets
2 Incriminator Audio 3.4 4 Channel Amp
Incriminator Audio 80.1 Mono Amplifer
2 Incriminator Audio Warden 18" Subwoofers (10 day build time)

You can have this for only: $4,199 SHIPPED

If someone does end up getting this package I will provide them with discounts on alts, damp, and any install accessories needed.

Sub Stage Combo

ZED Minotaur Mono Amp
Incriminator Audio Flatline 12" Sub

Total: $829 SHIPPED

This is it for now. If you guys have any requests pm me and I will try to meet your needs. These combos are only available for a LIMITED time.

Vertex Audio
11-26-2013, 01:50 AM
If anyone has an idea of a package they are looking for pm us and we can make a custom combo for you.