View Full Version : Enclosure design needed for 2 - SWR-12D4's in a Dodge Magnum

11-21-2013, 09:17 AM
What's up,

After "borrowing" my significant other's Kicker subs a few months after blowing one of my older Type R's, I've decided it's finally time to get some new stuff in there. I trust my box builder for the actual building process, but when it comes to design and tuning, I think yall can steer me in the right direction.

Subs: (2) Alpine Type R SWR-12D4 (being ordered)
Amp: Hifonics BXI2008D
EQ: Clarion EQS746

The space I have for the enclosure is 39L x 21 1/2 W(depth) x 14H
I'd like the subs to face up, with the port facing the rear and the port near the bottom of the enclosure so that I can feature an embossed raised logo above it. The enclosure will be covered in "premium" black vinyl from Joann Fabrics.

I primarily listen to hip-hop, so I like deep lows. One of the problems with her box of 3 10's is that it definitely doesn't go low as my last box setup did.

Here's what I have now:

which replaced:

thanks in advance.