View Full Version : First GZ Digital Sound Processor, to be launched December

11-19-2013, 12:15 PM
We are happy to announce that Ground Zero is bringing to the market their first DSP unit. The GZCS 6-8DSP. The unit comes with the controller which has a USB input on it as well as one on the actual unit.



Some basic info about the unit.

The brand new GZCS 6-8DSP.

Offering specific OEM upgrade functions, such as six-channel summing on the high level inputs, the main target can be defined in the category of “System integration”. That is where the brand new DSP is positioned. However, the wide range of sound features does allow various Sound Quality (SQ) applications as well.

Besides the 6 channel input, which can be set to low and high level, the GZCS 6-8DSP can connect sources on two further Auxiliary inputs. One is analogue RCA, the other digital SPDIF. Both can be managed individually.
When adjusting the output signal, the DSP offers an high performance 10-band parametric EQ which allows to boost or reduce frequencies from 20Hz – 20KHz, up to +/- 15dB with an adaptable Q-factor from 0.5 –10. Another outstanding part is the integrated Crossover, which offers flexible Low - / High - / Band-Pass filters up to 36dB slope with either Butterworth or Linkwitz-Riley filter characteristic. Last but not least, the time alignment function sets a new benchmark in the market: Its resolution and capability of tuning goes down to a 0,001ms steps which is shorter than 1mm (0.04 inch) in distance. The maximum delay can be set to 22ms which is equivalent to 7,6 meter (299.21 inch).

This unit also has an Optical input. We will be looking into a cover for the USB port, it may come with one from the factory.

I have a manual that I can post later, and when I figure out what the retail will be, I will post that also. So stay tuned.