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Mike Waters
11-13-2013, 12:44 AM
Item(s) for Sale:

Audiobahn Immortal 15 inch subwoofers

These are the "BIG BOYS"!

2250 rms each

Quad 2 ohm subs

Item(s) Description/Condition:

New (only opened to inspect for ant damage)

Got em from a buddy who planned on using them in an install before he wrecked his car, They have been sitting in the closet ever since.


$400 + shipping for the pair or possible trades

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Buyer pays actual shipping

Item Pictures:
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Will put up a pic with user name/date in the morning.

Text or call me for faster response my cell is (904)307-9063
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01242_zpsc637541d.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01242_zpsc637541d.jpg.html)
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01186_zps0a789e9a.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01186_zps0a789e9a.jpg.html)
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01188_zps28eed187.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01188_zps28eed187.jpg.html)
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01190_zps72be4502.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01190_zps72be4502.jpg.html)
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01193_zpsc08d4f83.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01193_zpsc08d4f83.jpg.html)
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01199_zpsc336808b.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01199_zpsc336808b.jpg.html)
http://i996.photobucket.com/albums/af87/watersmike38/CAM01200_zps3a08d1c0.jpg (http://s996.photobucket.com/user/watersmike38/media/CAM01200_zps3a08d1c0.jpg.html)

11-13-2013, 02:59 AM
I cannot see this taking over 2k watts... does it really?

11-13-2013, 07:26 AM
I'd run these inverted as hell! Lol I don't think these do 2250rms.

11-13-2013, 09:21 AM
I think they will my old audiobahn sound qs took my rf t1500bdcp like a champ. Never got smelly. They made good subs for what they were.

11-13-2013, 09:35 AM
I think they will my old audiobahn sound qs took my rf t1500bdcp like a champ. Never got smelly. They made good subs for what they were.

I've owned a few older audiobahn subs and they took rates if not more I had some tens the ultra excursion I put almost 1k a peice into daily and some alum Qs that did nice

11-13-2013, 09:42 AM
Mine were 2 10 alum sound qs. I tested both on my rf amp at 3 ohm seeing well over the rated 800 and never had a problem. Sold one to two different ppl and both still abuse them today. Not to mention that they r true show pieces. Glws op.

11-13-2013, 09:48 AM
they will take all of 2400 each. My buddy ran immortal 12 off a a2300hct for 3 years daily at .5 ohm without a problem. he isnt gentle with his equipment.

11-13-2013, 09:54 AM
My bad guys. Sorry OP I didnt realize that 2250 was rms. Again though I have heard these are really decent subs. AND!! Id still run them inverted. lol

Mike Waters
11-13-2013, 10:17 AM
Just updated thread with user name/date pic.

11-13-2013, 10:55 AM
anyone going for the ricer factor would love these, You'd probably have em sold at mazda/honda/supra/lowrider forumns in a heart beat. GLWS

11-13-2013, 05:28 PM
Are these The Juggernaut clones I've heard so much about?

11-13-2013, 05:33 PM
These some pretty beasty subs IMO. they can get loud and look good doing it. GLWS OP

Mike Waters
11-14-2013, 09:49 PM

11-14-2013, 10:17 PM
Made by or designed by dd I thought

11-14-2013, 10:24 PM
Aren't these the ones with the 4 or 5 inch coil? I remember audiobahn making a sub with some huge coil

11-15-2013, 01:21 AM
Those were when Audiobahn were USA made out of California,and when they were kicking ASSSS,and being noticed. I never could afford those,always wanted to try a pair.Im still running my AW1008t 10s(going on 14yrs.)and still banging the dogg chit out of them.Best subs Ive ever owned to date.Sound nice as well.Great subs,and will take every bit of that rms, and more.No problem.GLWS sir..Very nice.Be sure that whomever picks these up to connect all coils,if not, you will damage the sub.I do remember that from the specs booklet.Prob still have one with that info in it about the quad subs. Monsters!

11-15-2013, 02:59 AM
Nothing wrong with that or older audiobahn. People are used to see overbuilt equipment. Not sure how their name got slandered. And if their stuff sounded bad, its probably but it was aluminum coned and that sounds different anyways. I guess that's why we don't see that much now

11-15-2013, 07:33 AM
Pm box is full homi

11-16-2013, 01:08 AM
Trade for 3 sa8v2's dual 4 ohm each one almost newer all in great shape barely used

11-16-2013, 02:57 AM
Old immortals where designed by DD, these where not, still decent subs but not overbuilt like the old ones, I do believe these have a 4" coil tho

08-09-2014, 11:15 AM
still available?

08-26-2014, 04:02 PM