View Full Version : help building enclosure for 2 sundown x12s d2 in honda element

11-09-2013, 02:14 AM
So I orderer a pair of sundown x12 d2 today and im gonna run them off my kicker zx2500 and want to build the right box for once. I was hoping someone could give a hand with this one. Im gonna be running everything at 2 ohms not sure the hz I shoul be going for. I listen to my system on the daily and mostly listen to rap and hiphop I have a honda element and have quite a bit of space for these things. Previously had a 6 cube box so im not worried about space. Specs were 41" w x 18" h x 21" d. I had the sub firing downward but didnt think it sounded the best. Any more info needed lmk. Thanks ahead of time going to post pic of the build.

11-09-2013, 03:25 AM
Sundown x12 d2


Re : 3.7 ohmsFs : 24.35 HzQes : 0.37Qms : 4.38Qts : 0.35Le : 3.76 mHSd : 457 cm^2Vas : 38.02 LBL : 22.35 NAMms : 333 gCms : 127 uM/NSens : 83.35 dB 1w/1mWattage: 1250w RMS