View Full Version : cdt vs imagedynamic components

05-22-2004, 01:40 PM
which would you think is the better component set? the cdts that the zeb sells for 149 now (cant remember model name now) or the image dynamics CSX 6.5 in terms of midbass response clarity, ect.

05-22-2004, 02:01 PM
I'd like to know that one myself. Although probably not too many people are going to know atm since ID's seem to have been released very recently. I imagine the ID's are very good quality speakers. I just dropped on a set of CDT EF-61CF's and only after I got them did I start to see the ID components appear everywhere. :(

05-23-2004, 03:43 PM
ID if u have the watts.........

05-23-2004, 04:47 PM
who sells image dynamics online? Also might be able to pick up some CDT EF-61CF's for little over $200. Should I do it? I currently have a set of Planet audio components up front. The planet audio components sound good, but I've heard CDT is supposed to make great components, but maybe you have to buy like the $800 CDT compnents. Let me know.

05-24-2004, 12:33 PM
I have not heard the image dynamics speakers but I am very pleased with my CDT speakers.

05-29-2004, 02:47 AM
I love my CDT EF-61CF's w/ Satnet 560 xover, may not be the *best* speakers out there but they are **** good for the money and a heck of alot better than my BA Rally's

06-08-2004, 04:27 PM
www.carmedia1.com is a unauthorized dealer. sounddomain.com is the only authorized dealer. but carmedia1 has its own 3 year warranty for forty bucks thats longer than ID's own warranty