View Full Version : Rookie trying to wire up amp and deck for highs

11-03-2013, 06:45 AM
Im lost need help from start to finish i bought a alpine ktp-445 of ebay came with no paper work im trying to hook it up to a pioneer deh-x7500s deck i thought it would be easy to get help on this instalation but so far no luck at all other sites show amp running systen with a differnt head unit than alpine so it can be done but some how i got so lost in this its given me a migrane so if somebody can hold my hand and tell me where to start and go from there please dont say match wires i get that but in a diagram i seen on internet it showed me truck wiring went to amp imput then amp output to deck makes no sence to me HELP

11-06-2013, 02:47 AM

The site is full of useful info just check it all out!