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10-29-2013, 01:52 AM
Yeah, probably the corniest thread title but it's true. I consider myself to be an absolute noob who has managed to bs my way through work because everyone there knows even less than I do. But I'm sick of not really knowing what I'm talking about and want to know what I'm talking about and improve my cars systems as well.

Right now I have a 95 caprice wagon with pioneer speakers and an alpine head unit. I'm planning out my sub install right now, still trying to figure out what I need.
I also have a 66 barracuda with walmart brand speakers, sub, and amp. Schosche and Dual respectively. They aren't bad for the money, but I was going for getting sound cheap and they sound half decent. Still need to do some adjustments on it though. I've connected the amp directly to my phone atm since I don't have a stereo to plug it into. I should also say that, that this was my first time ever hooking something up like this and was quite thrilled when I didn't burn the car down. Not that I expected to. My only issue with it, is that the alternator is fairly puny and barely pushes enough amperage to run the car with electronic ignition and everything (heat, lights, stock radio before I removed it) when the car was idling. I ended up frying one immediately after hooking it up when the car was running and just took the fuse out so I have no sound for now. That'll be remedied when I put a new wiring harness in it.
My brother has an 88 Sierra single cab that he wants to revamp everything sound wise in it, as stock they are apparently one of the worst vehicles for sound ever, so I'm looking around for help on that and can't seem to find anything. Just here to learn.

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Do you have any specific questions right out of the box?