View Full Version : Pioneer AVH-P8400BH with rear view camera issue

10-12-2013, 02:03 PM
I installed a rear view camera in my '06 Maxima. From the camera I connected black to ground and red to reverse lights(green/white wire in trunk). From the head unit I connected the purple/white(reverse camera wire) to the same green/white reverse lights wire, this one behind the drivers kick plate. The video cable from the camera was connected to the R.C. IN on the head unit(per the HU's instructions). So this is my problem; when I'm in reverse the camera comes on, everything's fine. When I'm in anything else the display will show the audio screen but after a few seconds it turns to the message in my picture, audio is still playing. Touching the screen will change it back to whatever it was on but it will change back after a few seconds. So basically the function of the camera in reverse is right, but I doubt the rest is normal operation. Also to note, it seems like the reverse wire from the back of the head unit isn't doing anything (or isn't needed) as I tried out the camera before connecting it and it operated the exact same way. Hopefully someone out there has done this install and can give me some insight, thanks.

Reads "Caution: Screen image may appear reversed."

10-12-2013, 08:05 PM
FWIW the solution was to turn the rear view camera to off in the head unit settings and then I had to change the polarity to battery, now it works fine.