View Full Version : Xfl 10 4th order? rolling around idea's

09-23-2013, 02:12 PM
I almost want to build a 4th order just for the fun of doing it (all the tools, skills of a decade of woodworking). Anyway, would a XFL 10 in a 4th order perform? I'm under the impression that the lows are really low in a 4th order which seems contrary to using a 10 inch.

I would like to keep it geared at SQ with a lot of punchy hit. Keep the ported side relatively small and tuned high. <-- should help keep the db roll off as broad as possible as well.

Would this sub fit well in this use? I don't fully understand the modeling software and how to enter all the T/S parameters. Hell, in fact I don't know what the XFL's box recommendations even are.

Thinking of a Brutus Hifonics 1100 amp for this. Stock car with a yellow top battery. Drop in and done...for now.

09-24-2013, 02:04 AM
That sub would be happier in a 6th order than a 4th. But if your goal is mostly sound quality, neither is the best box. 4th orders tend to peak well but they roll of quickly, especially at the tuning you mentioned.

Also, just as an FYI, it doesn't matter what kind of box you're building, if you want the slope (roll off) to be gradual, larger box and lower tuning is the way to do it. Small boxes with high tuning make for large peaks that roll off fast... which is why burp boxes are small and tuned high, relative to a flat box for the same driver, of course.

If you'd like, I can model a 4th and a 6th and show you the difference.

09-24-2013, 03:48 PM
When you guys mention small boxes are you talking about small ported side? I say this because a small ported side and higher tuning can certainly work on a 4th order and sometimes slides over to the "sq" end. What I have seen is the larger ported side 4th are usually loud as **** but are peaky depending on the tuning. I had a SA12 modeled and it was 2.0 sealed side and .75 ported tuned to 60hz. It had less output compared to a SA12 ported in 1.75 @32, but the thing was ruler flat from 20 to 70. The ported box had a huge peak around 40 and started dropping like a rock after that, I guess as it got to tuning. I say this to say that you have to model it and then play with it real world. Ive used a couple of 4th and found out what really worked was usually different than the design on paper.

On the 4ths Ive used I usually ended up with a smaller ported side and higher tuning becasue I wanted a box that was louder than it would be just sealed. Its all in your goals and being stupid loud was never a goal of mine, just louder musically. I cant speak on a 6th order because Ive never had one.