View Full Version : Mad Marks car stereo. STAY CLEAR OF THIS SHOP

09-18-2013, 09:51 PM
Im not one to bash a install shop over something stupid but I feel this needed to be addressed and I need to warn anyone in bradenton about this place. (if anyone even lives here in bradenton anymore lol). When i first began car audio a couple years back, I went there to have a HU installed, and a kicker cvr in a prefab box on a cheap kenwood amp ( yea i was a noob =P). Anyways, they mounted my amp to the box which I thought was cool at the time but know better now. They ran RCA's on the same side as power wire, they grounded my amp to a ******* piece of metal attached to my seat (somehow the amp never went into protect or blew idk how), my car reeked of cigarettes, my sub was screwed into the box with 3 different types of screws, and the dash kit that they installed was loose and I had to tighten the screws on certain components of my center console and dash. Parts of my car still rattle while driving (not with subs on) to this day. The reason im just how posting about this is because my good friend went there recently to have a HU put in. Obviously, I have no prove of this nor does he but, he told me that he had $15 in is glove compartment. Wasnt there when he got the car back. Everyone in the shop denies it.

Did they steal the money or did he misplace it? no one knows, but regardless they obviously dont know what they are doing IMO based on how they installed my gear. STAY CLEAR. Again I dont want to give someones business bad rep but this was just terrible.

09-19-2013, 12:04 PM
Should have taken all money and valuable s when leaving ur car with basically stangers. ***** that people actully steal when ur already paying a shop tons of money to install