View Full Version : Pioneer DEH-X6500BT

09-16-2013, 12:49 PM
I installed a Pioneer DEH-X6500BT a few months back and added an Alpline MRP-F300 4 channel amp this weekend...my question is I can't seem to get full range out of my Rear/SW RCA's is this the way it was designed or am I missing something? I've tried changing some what I think are obvious settings in the HU such as Sub W (off, on, rev)...when it's off I get nothing out of the rear, when it's on or rev I only get lows.

To simplify my question are the rear RCA's on this head unit only useful for a sub?

I currently just split my front channel at the amp with Y splitters so I can have full range on all 4 speakers and it sounds great, but would it sound any better if I had a true 4 channels?