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09-15-2013, 12:20 PM
Im new to the forums but not new to car audio.I have had many amps and subs to see what i liked i regret selling some know and wished i would have kept some.My project is Down with a bad transmission.I just bought a new car to me and I am aiming to do a good SQ setup in it.

If your in the Dallas side pm me i wouldn't mind hangin out with the local crowd.

Toy car/ project car 1989 190E
Alternator upgrade to 150 amp
Zero gauge running to alternator to battery and battery to trunk
Head unit JVC KD-R730bt
Old school earth quake components all around in car
Interfire ib series 4ch
arc audio xdi 1000.1
Custom ported box 2 1/2 Cubic Foot tuned to 32hz

Car mods
500E sway bar plus brackets and bushings
500sl brake calipers
Cross Drilled and slotted calipers
SS brake lines
500sl master cylender and brake booster
Evo11 Rear sway bar and brackets
Billi sport shocks and struts
e500 springs
Trans swapped from auto to manual from 2.3
Rear diff from 2.3 16v limited slip
2.3 16v interior

1999 E55 Daily driver, I have plans to make this one in to a SQ setup.Already has a 150 amp alternator.Will be upgrading the alternator to battery wiring to zero gauge.I am thinking of Hertz hsk speakers and audison amps.I have allready bought a audison Srx4 off ebay and looking for the audison Srx1d to match.I don't know what sub to get though or head unit.I am thinking of the pioneer p80 for head unit though.

09-15-2013, 12:38 PM
I'm in Dallas man, north east side, got tons o' audio friends as well. PM me if you ever wanna come hang with us or need help with anything, fabrication, boxes, advice even.