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09-05-2013, 07:56 PM
Has anyone built an amp mount in the spare tire area of an 06-10 charger. I need help or looking for someone to build me one thanks

09-06-2013, 09:26 PM
I built one for my RX7. Not all spare tire wells are round so I don't know if someone could build you one without a Charger trunk to reference.
Here's what I did, maybe it would work for you. You need a 4' x 4' sheet of 3/8 plywood, screws hold better in plywood than MDF. You need a jigsaw, drill, wood rasp or sureform blade wrapped in tape, masking tape and marker. Lop a corner off the plywood and make something that looks like a doughnut with the inside hole big enough to fit around the spare tire mount in the center of the well with a inch or two of material around it to stick tape to. Don't worry about it being pretty, it's going to be thrown away. Run strips of tape from your "doughnut" to the outer edge of the spare tire well and try to be level. Place a mark where each piece of tape contacts the outer tire well. The more tape and marks you use, the more accurate your cut. The fewer bends and angles in the tape, the more accurate the cut. Now, lift the tape away from the well but keep the tape attached to the doughnut. Place the doughnut on your sheet and array the tape to the sheet. Draw in to connect your tape marks on the board and mark your center circle. Throw the doughnut and tape away and connect your marks to have a reasonable drawing of the shape of your spare tire well on the board. Cut your material.
Test fit your new amp rack in the spare tire well and mark where you need to remove wood. Jigsaw for big mistakes, sureform for small mistakes. As you get closer to "fit" it will become harder to remove the plywood so you may have to attach a wire or metal to the underside as a lifting hook. The rest is paint, cover or otherwise beautify.
I hate to see posts un-replied to (especially my own) so please let me know if this helped and post what you came up with RedVenon.